Perfect Soccer

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Experience the most realistic Champions League matches with Perfect Soccer! This visually stunning app offers full 3D views and smart A.I. for an immersive football experience. As a club manager, you can build your dream team and compete against real opponents worldwide in the League, Cup, and Champions League matches. Upgrade your stadium, scout for new talent in the transfer market, and become the ultimate football manager. Download Perfect Eleven now and show the world your skills on the pitch! Your Trophy is waiting for you, so don't miss out on this chance to become a legend!

Features of Perfect Soccer:

- Visually stunning football matches: Experience the thrill of realistic football matches with full 3D views. Watch your team in action and feel like you're on the field.

- Smart A.I.: The game's intelligent artificial intelligence ensures that you have the most realistic Champions League experience. The opponents you face will challenge you and test your managerial skills.

- Online multiplayer: Play against real opponents from around the world in the League, Cup, and Champions League matches. Compete for the title of the golden football manager and prove your skills to football fans worldwide.

- Build your dream team: As a club manager, your goal is to handpick the top eleven players and build a formidable team. Scout for new young football stars in the transfer market and create a squad that can dominate the competition.

- Club management: Take charge of every aspect of your club's development. Upgrade your stadium to create a world-class facility and give your fans something to be proud of. Build your club from the ground up and make strategic decisions to lead your team to success.

- Become a legend: Are you ready to leave your mark in the football world? Take on the challenge and become a legendary football manager. Lead your team to victory, win trophies, and cement your legacy in the sport.


Perfect Eleven offers an immersive and visually stunning football management experience. With its realistic 3D matches and intelligent A.I., the game provides a truly authentic Champions League experience. Compete against real opponents worldwide and prove your skills as a football manager. Build your dream team, upgrade your stadium, and become a legend in the football world. Download Perfect Eleven now and start your journey to football greatness.



  • Best game ever . Many tactics to learn. But one problem the players are not coming in my team after I won the bid so please fix it.
    2024-02-09 10:24:50
  • Cool soccer,the only thing I think you guys should fix is to make the game stable, becos anytime a match ends,the app will just stop I don't know why is like that.
    2024-02-08 14:51:55
  • I have finally found the game i've been looking for , thankyou so much , i am Truely impressed with your work so far and hope this rating will remain and not change as time spent in the game progresses , really pleased thankyou so much.
    2024-02-08 09:59:23
  • Good game but recently we are all a xperiencing sudden force closing. Sometimes the app force closes soon as you open. All devices are having this problem
    2024-02-06 17:08:26
  • Bad experience not able to access the transfer market. If im band you guys should notify me not just blank out the transfer market just like that..
    2024-02-06 16:04:41
  • Great Sim and gameplay. Excellent graphics, however I still haven't found out how to bet on a match with chips. Can you please clarify?
    2024-02-06 12:40:02