Oil Tanker Truck Driving

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Oil Tanker Truck Driving is the ultimate driving game that puts your skills to the test as you navigate huge tankers through the roads of India. With stunning 3D graphics, realistic driving mechanics, and a steering wheel to control your movements, you'll feel like you're really behind the wheel. But be careful! You'll need to manage your speed and fuel levels to ensure a smooth journey without any mishaps. Activate the manual gearshift for an even more challenging experience. Download Oil Tanker Truck Driving now and transport diesel fuel like a pro on your Android smartphone.

Features of Oil Tanker Truck Driving:

- Realistic driving experience: The game offers three-dimensional graphics that provide a realistic driving experience, allowing you to feel like you're actually behind the wheel of a huge tanker truck.

- Challenging routes: You will travel on numerous roads connecting different cities in India, testing your driving skills and expertise. Each route presents a new challenge, ensuring an exciting and engaging gameplay.

- Steering wheel control: The game provides a steering wheel on the left side of the screen, allowing you to navigate the roads and switch lanes effortlessly. This intuitive control adds to the immersive experience.

- Speed management: As you drive, you need to manage the speed of the truck to ensure the load remains intact, especially during curves. Pressing on the acceleration pedals will help you maintain a steady speed and prevent any mishaps.

- Fuel management: Pay attention to the fuel level during each trip to avoid running out of gas in the middle of the journey. This adds an extra layer of challenge and requires strategic planning to reach your destination.

- Manual gearshift option: For those seeking a more demanding driving experience, the game offers the option to activate the manual gearshift. This feature allows you to execute precise gear changes, enhancing the realism of the gameplay.


Oil Tanker Truck Driving is an immersive and realistic driving game that offers a challenging and engaging experience. With its three-dimensional graphics, intuitive steering wheel control, and the need to manage speed and fuel, the game provides a true-to-life truck driving simulation. Whether you're a fan of truck driving games or simply looking for a unique and exciting gameplay experience, Oil Tanker Truck Driving is a must-download for your Android smartphone. Get ready to transport diesel fuel and test your driving skills on the roads of India!



  • game sucks. too many advert's. steering is abysmal...... only played for 10 minutes and already have had enough of it.
    2024-02-05 21:26:54
  • Oil tanker truck driving is the most wonderful and Fantastic game.The graphics of this game is well designed and interested.This wonderful, great and super of this game it's wonderful environment game.❤️
    2024-02-05 09:29:57
  • Super 3D game, to drive oil tanker is always a challenge. Much entertaining with beautiful graphics should be used by everyone.
    2024-02-02 23:02:59
  • Oil tanker truck It is very powerful, its time is very long, it is very strong, its roads are very open, there are excellent roads, I play with great passion. ❤
    2024-02-02 20:17:28
  • There’s no limit to the amount of speed racing and fun you can achieve; get behind the wheel of powerful truck, heavy tanker with that super charged engine, and drive thru them in big city and an offroad track♥️
    2024-02-01 21:11:31
  • Real business and driving stimulation. I personally like the way graphics are and it's easy control
    2024-02-01 19:16:08