Grand Mountain Adventure

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Get ready for the ultimate skiing and snowboarding adventure in Grand Mountain Adventure! Explore and conquer 11 stunning mountains with unique slopes and mysteries waiting to be discovered. The breathtaking mountain models will leave you in awe as you navigate through the snow-covered summits and unexplored wilderness. With over 200 challenging tasks, this game is packed with excitement and thrills for skiers of all levels. Show off your skills with flips, spins, and mind-blowing combos, and customize your character with new skins and clothes. Get ready for countless hours of entertainment in this wintry wonderland! Download Grand Mountain Adventure now and experience the thrill for yourself.

Features of the App:

- Explore and conquer 11 massive mountains worldwide with unique slopes and mysteries.

- Stunning mountain models with snow-covered summits and unexplored wilderness.

- Over 200 distinct and difficult challenges to test and improve your skiing and snowboarding skills.

- Master the intricate trick system to perform flips, spins, corks, rails, and mind-blowing combos.

- Countless hours of gameplay with a never-ending supply of challenges to conquer.

- Customize your character with new skins and clothes to make a fashion statement on the slopes.


Explore and conquer 11 stunning mountains worldwide, each with its own unique slopes and mysteries. Grand Mountain Adventure offers over 200 challenging tasks to test and improve your skills, from nail-biting races to gravity-defying tricks. Master the intricate trick system to perform flips, spins, and mind-blowing combos that will amaze the crowd. With countless hours of gameplay and a never-ending supply of challenges, you'll never get bored in this wintry wonderland. Customize your character with new skins and clothes to make a fashion statement on the slopes. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the thrill and beauty of Grand Mountain Adventure - click to download now!



  • This game is fun and even kinda relaxing, but you really learn to just hate the mechanics, especially with the point of view. Games that simulate sports should be challenging in ways that parallel the real thing...not just because they made a bad design choice. Racing downhill at high speed doing precise movements requires line of sight, and they just take that away from you. It gets so frustrating you just give up on the challenges.
    2024-01-30 21:34:37
  • The game is beautiful and overall beautiful. I love the music and the relaxing and chill look/feel of the game. But I'm not giving it five stars, since the games becomes kind of bland when you finish every mission, and for some reason the developers decided to remove Waldtal from the free maps and made it a dlc map, although it was free before. But other than that, I've already 100% both maps and had a lot of fun doing so. I'm glad i installed this game and that it's on my phone to this day
    2024-01-30 21:20:02
  • Im trying to purchase the full game, but always having error. Please help , i badly wanted to play the game at full version!!!!!!!!
    2024-01-30 10:43:18
  • Absolutely fantastic game. The concept was a very good, and ambitious concept for a mobile game executed perfectly. The only things I can say bad about this game is about the winter expansion, and the fact that it's not very easy to switch accounts. I like the idea of a DLC, but I don't think it should be on the mountains page as a main "story" progression mountain. I would also like to see new mountains in the future that is a part of the main game and not a DLC.
    2024-01-29 11:01:15
  • The game is really good and it's satisfying but I downloaded it and I lost all my mountains so I need to start the game at 0. Another problem, I need to pay to have all the mountains so... Can you fix this problem please
    2024-01-28 21:45:59
  • This is an excellent game with supported by fantastic developers. The open-world aspect gives a ton of choice in gameplay, you can just relax and cruise around or choose to push yourself with challenges that range from fairly easy to incredibly difficult. I've had this game for years now and it's still getting regular updates and support. Definitely worth the buy.
    2024-01-28 18:31:20