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Step into a world where your music transforms into action-packed levels with Beat.Me! This incredible app takes your favorite tunes and turns them into a unique and immersive gaming experience. Strap in and get ready to move your ship with precision, using your thumb to navigate through obstacles and shoot to the beat of the music. Each hit on an obstacle will earn you points, but beware, getting hit will cost you! Customize your gameplay by utilizing special abilities and adjusting the difficulty level. Challenge your friends and dominate the leaderboards, unlock achievements, and collect gold medals for every song. Don't miss out on being the ultimate master of rhythm with Beat.Me!

Features of Beat.Me:

> Levels Based on Your Music: Beat.Me creates unique levels that react to the music you choose from your device. This makes every gameplay experience personalized and dynamic.

> Responsive Gameplay: The game dynamically reacts to the rhythm and beats of your music. Your ship's shooting speed is synchronized with the music beat, providing an immersive and engaging gameplay experience.

> Points and Obstacles: Gain points by hitting the obstacles in the game. Destroying obstacles rewards you with extra points. However, be careful not to get hit by obstacles as it will cause you to lose points.

> Special Abilities and Difficulty Settings: Enhance your gameplay by using special abilities and adjusting the difficulty level. These features allow you to strategize and maximize your points while enjoying the game.

> Compete with Friends: Challenge your friends by beating their favorite songs. Compare your scores on the leaderboards and strive to reach the top. Show off your mastery of the rhythm by unlocking achievements.

> Unlock Medals and Ships: Aim for gold medals on all songs and unlock various ships. By unlocking all the ships, you can become the ultimate master of the rhythm, making you unbeatable in the game.


Beat.Me is a thrilling music-based game that offers a personalized and immersive experience. With unique levels, synchronized gameplay, and the ability to compete with friends, this app guarantees endless hours of entertainment. Unlock medals, ships, and climb the leaderboards to establish yourself as the unbeatable master of the rhythm. Download now and start your musical gaming adventure!