Drums Maker: Drum simulator

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Introducing Drums Maker: Drum simulator, a simple and fun drum simulator app. Customize your drum set to your liking using our new Edit Drums feature. Easily move all your cymbals and percussion instruments on the screen by touching and dragging. Unlimited opportunities to customize your own drum kit and enjoy high-quality percussion sounds. Our app has a quick response time and supports multi-touch, providing a realistic drum experience. Key features include a fully customizable drum set, recording and playback capabilities, saving and reloading custom drum sets, playing along with your favorite songs, advanced sound volume mixer with drum pitch effects, metronome, and realistic graphics with cool animation effects. Click here to download now!

Features of Drums Maker: Drum simulator:

1) Edit Drums Feature: Users can customize their drum set by moving and placing all cymbals and percussion instruments on the screen at desired positions.

2) High-Quality Percussion Sounds: The app offers a wide range of high-quality percussion sounds that enhance the drumming experience.

3) Record and Playback: Users can record their drumming sessions and play them back later, allowing them to analyze their performance and improve their skills.

4) Save and Reload Custom Drum Sets: The app allows users to save their customized drum sets and reload them later, saving time and effort in setting up the drum kit.

5) Song Accompaniment: Users can play along with their favorite songs from their device or choose from the 26 pre-loaded loops available in the app's menu.

6) Metronome and Sound Mixer: The app includes a metronome with volume level selector for practicing and a sound volume mixer with drum pitch effects for customizing the drum sound.

In conclusion, this app, named Drums Maker: Drum simulator, offers advanced features that allow users to fully customize their drum set, enjoy realistic percussion sounds, record and playback their drumming sessions, play along with songs, and adjust sound volume and pitch effects. With its user-friendly interface and attractive graphics, this app is sure to attract users and encourage them to click and download.



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