Piano Dream: Tap Music Tiles

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Piano Dream: Tap Music Tiles is a fun and easy-to-play piano game that allows you to tap along on phantom keys while listening to beautiful piano music. Test your reflexes by tapping all the tiles before they scroll off the screen and make music for as long as you can in this free piano game. Unlock and play piano songs from different genres, earn stars and trophies, and strive for high scores. Whether you are a beginner or a piano master, Piano Dream is the perfect app to fulfill your musical dreams. Download today and start your musical journey!

Features of the Piano Dream: Tap Music Tiles app:

- Easy-to-Play Piano Game: The app makes it simple for users to play their favorite piano songs by tapping on the tiles. It provides a fun and interactive way to enjoy beautiful piano music.

- Variety of Music Genres: Users can play piano music from different genres, including classical pieces and folk songs. This offers a diverse range of songs to explore and enjoy.

- Multiple Game Modes: The app offers two game modes - playing songs to gain experience and unlock more songs, and an endless mode where the tiles speed up endlessly. Users can choose the mode that suits their preference and test their reflexes and dexterity.

- High Scores and Achievements: The app allows users to perfect their playing and increase their score. It also features milestones and achievements in each song, with up to 3 stars and trophies to earn. This adds a competitive element and motivates users to improve their skills.

- Offline Play: Users can play any game mode offline without needing an internet connection. This allows for uninterrupted gameplay anytime and anywhere.

- User Support and Feedback: The app's development team values user comments, reviews, and support. They encourage users to provide feedback and suggestions to improve the app further.


Piano Dream: Tap Music Tiles is a feature-rich piano game app that offers an enjoyable and immersive experience for piano enthusiasts. With its easy-to-play interface, diverse music genres, and multiple game modes, users can have fun while testing their skills and improving their piano playing abilities. The app's offline play and focus on user support and feedback make it a great choice for both casual players and aspiring pianists. Click the download button today to start your musical journey into your piano dreams!



  • I love playing this game I've always wanted to play the piano but my grandma pasted away before she could teach me.
    2024-06-03 06:14:23
  • Too many ads and doesn't register key presses properly.
    2024-06-02 19:37:46
  • The game is easy and timepast I really like it thats why iam giving you five stars so happy with it
    2024-06-02 12:31:03
  • Too much ads Too much difficult (very fast)
    2024-06-02 11:57:13
  • I love this game, one of my favorite song is river flows on you but...i can't play without internet connection❤️
    2024-06-02 09:13:43
  • It has beautiful song and no ads⭐⭐ but it very hard,
    2024-06-01 11:24:36