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Introducing Piano Classic Game - Tap Color Tiles. Are you a music lover who also happens to be a fan of classic anime shows like One Piece and My Hero Academia? If so, then we have the perfect app for you! Introducing a unique music game that combines the beauty of classical melodies with the excitement of anime theme songs. Get ready to be transported to a world filled with captivating pictures and moving songs that will both relax and challenge you. With this offline game, you can play anytime and anywhere, how convenient is that? Whether you're looking to kill time or escape from stress, this app has got you covered. Just tap the black tiles to follow the music and avoid the white ones to finish each song. With over 100 piano songs to choose from, there's something for every music taste. Plus, you don't even need WiFi to play! So why wait? Download now and start playing your favorite chart-topping hits! If you have any questions, our team is always here to help. Just reach out via email at btspianomusic. Get ready for an unforgettable musical journey!

Features of Piano Classic Game - Tap Color Tiles:

> Unique combination of classical music and anime theme songs.

> Stunning visuals and captivating music that create a relaxing and challenging gaming experience.

> Offline gameplay allows you to play anytime, anywhere.

> Perfect for killing time while waiting or to relax and escape from stress.

> Impressive collection of over 100 piano songs to choose from.

> Engaging gameplay where you tap the black tiles to follow the rhythm and avoid tapping the white tiles.


Indulge in the perfect fusion of classical music and anime theme songs with our beautiful and addictive Piano Classic Game - Tap Color Tiles. With its attractive visuals, wide variety of songs, and offline gameplay, this app offers a relaxing and thrilling experience wherever you are. Whether you're a fan of piano games, a lover of classic music, or simply enjoy tapping to the rhythm, this app is a must-have. Install now to unwind, challenge yourself, and get lost in the enchanting world of music!



  • When I saw the think of challenge was on my birthday I was so flattered I really like this game it's fun I remember for my childhood but and my cat's life could pay too
    2024-05-17 16:29:31
  • It is a very good game, but some levels are too fast. It has less ads and more gameplay in it and it's fun in total. It might have some stern messages in gameplay lose screens and low prizes per song. It can have very fast songs. I give only one star
    2024-05-17 14:03:55
  • Obviously i fab game for me the one who loves to play piano and all who loves melody damnnn its so interesting i love it completely the reason for 4 stars is the ads after each level although its not irritating yet better to remove them all over its sooo gooddd highly recommended for mind's peace <3
    2024-05-17 05:53:46
  • It's so easy to play this game,The Classical music i wanted is all in here,Especially Composed from Yiruma
    2024-05-17 01:31:45
  • I do like it but i wanted the old version of it, simple; classic and more of the music. I think it's totally updated now but I wonder if we get the older version with all the songs it would be better, I have so many memories with playing this and I can't forget those good memories I have. I was waiting for that one song which is the love of life
    2024-05-16 16:20:42
  • Ok so to be fair, this is a good adaptation of the concept of Piano tiles, HOWEVER— as someone who avidly listens to Classical and Romantic Era music SEVERAL things irritated me: 1) you don't credit each composer, 2) the arrangements are terrible, 3) the melody and counter melody never synced with the rhythm, and 4) the speeds for each track are completely off wack. Honestly I could deal with the arrangements and rhythms, but please fix the speed. It makes for a horrible experience for non-cas.
    2024-05-16 04:18:37