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Introducing My Drummer, the ultimate accompaniment drum game app designed for musicians of all levels. Whether you play guitar, piano, or violin, this app is perfect for daily practice sessions. With a wide range of drum grooves categorized by time signatures, you can easily find the perfect rhythm to practice along with. Unlike boring drum metronome apps, My Drummer offers professional and high-quality real drum kits, including rock, metal, funk, and more. With its user-friendly interface and one-touch Bluetooth connection feature, you can even play along with a Bluetooth speaker. Download this free drum app now and take your musical skills to the next level!

Features of My Drummer Game:

- Accompaniment for practicing music instruments: My Drummer is the best app for practicing Guitar, Piano, and Violin. It provides drum accompaniment to help users exercise daily.

- Easy selection of drum grooves: The app lists all drum grooves according to their time signatures, making it easy for users to pick the right one and start practicing.

- Real drum loops: My Drummer offers professional and high-quality real drum kits, including genres like rock, metal, soft, funk, blues, indie folk, country, reggae, and cocktail. These drum loops are available for free to all drum lovers.

- Intelligent drum engine: The app features an intelligent drum engine with a user-friendly interface. It also has a one-touch Bluetooth connection feature, allowing users to play all drum beats with a Bluetooth speaker.

- Suitable for all musicians: My Drummer is perfect for drummers, percussionists, professional musicians, amateurs, and beginners. It covers scenarios for guitar, bass, and keys, making it versatile for all melody instruments.

- Adjustable speed: The app allows users to vary the speed of the drumset loops from 40 bpm to 200 bpm, catering to different practice needs.


Download My Drummer now and enjoy the benefits of this free drum app. With its accompaniment for practicing music instruments, easy selection of drum grooves, real drum loops, intelligent drum engine, suitability for all musicians, and adjustable speed, this app is a must-have for anyone looking to improve their musical skills. Click the download button and start your musical journey today.



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  • É dos melhores apps da categoria para android, porém ainda tem diversos pontos para melhorar: 1. Sugiro a criação de uma versão Pro, totalmente livre de propagandas e rítimos bloqueados; 2. Uma interface mais leve e intuitiva; 3. Inserção de mais rítimos. 4. Possibilidade de usar o app com o ecrã desligado;
    2024-03-22 11:16:06
  • Great app!!!
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