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Welcome to Free Use Planet, where boundaries cease to exist and freedom knows no limits. Join our protagonist as he embarks on an extraordinary journey upon arriving at his aunt's house in America. Unlike the traditional customs he grew up with in Japan, this new planet operates under the principle of constant consent. Witness as our MC navigates this unfamiliar terrain, dwelling with his aunt and both cousins while his uncle is away on a business trip. Brace yourself for a captivating tale that explores cultural diversity, personal growth, and the boundless possibilities that come with living in a world where consent is king.

Features of Free Use Planet:

- Unique and Engaging Storyline: Free Use Planet presents a fascinating premise where the protagonist, an MC, leaves his family in Japan to live on a Planet where consent is the norm. This unconventional setting sets the stage for an exciting and thought-provoking adventure.

- Cultural Contrast: Moving from Japan to America offers an interesting cultural juxtaposition. The MC's experience of discovering and adapting to a new way of life adds depth and richness to the storyline, allowing players to explore different customs and societal norms.

- Dynamic Characters: The MC's life in America revolves around his aunt and cousins. Each character brings a distinct personality and perspective, contributing to a diverse and captivating cast. Players can immerse themselves in the relationships and interactions, forming emotional connections with the characters.

- Exploration of Consent: Free Use Planet delves into the concept of consent in a unique and thought-provoking manner. Through the MC's experiences and interactions, the game explores the boundaries and complexities of consent, encouraging players to reflect on their own understanding and attitudes towards the topic.

Tips for Users:

- Interact and Engage: To fully experience the depth of the storyline and characters, make sure to interact and engage with the game. Take the time to have meaningful conversations, participate in activities, and explore the various choices and consequences that arise throughout the gameplay.

- Embrace Cultural Differences: As you navigate the cultural contrast between Japan and America, embrace the differences and let them enrich your experience. Take advantage of opportunities to learn about new customs, traditions, and viewpoints, allowing for a more immersive and rewarding gameplay.

- Reflect and Discuss: Free Use Planet tackles important themes like consent. Take the time to reflect on the discussions and situations presented in the game. Reflecting on your own beliefs and engaging in conversations about consent can further enhance your understanding and engagement with the game.


Free Use Planet enthralls players with its unique and engaging storyline, cultural contrast, dynamic characters, and exploration of consent. By immersing oneself in the captivating world of the MC and his experiences in America, players can engage in thought-provoking gameplay, navigating cultural differences, and reflecting on important themes. Embrace the journey, interact with the characters, and delve into the complexities of consent to maximize your enjoyment of Free Use Planet. Download Free Use Planet now and embark on this unforgettable adventure.