Course of Temptation

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Course of Temptation is an exciting adult college life simulator that invites you to unleash your wildest desires within the boundaries of your imagination. Unlike traditional apps, this text-based adventure runs smoothly in your browser, providing you with an immersive and interactive experience. With hundreds of possible events and tantalizing erotic scenes awaiting you, indulge in your deepest exhibitionist, voyeuristic, and debauched fantasies through your character. The best part? You have the freedom to play as male, female, or explore the world of non-binary identities, allowing you to tailor your experience to your unique preferences. Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey of self-discovery and seductive encounters in Course of Temptation.

Features of Course of Temptation:

⭐ Rich and immersive adult college life simulation: Experience a detailed virtual world where you can live out your college fantasies and make choices that shape your character's journey.

⭐ Endless possibilities and erotic scenes: Get ready for an exhilarating adventure filled with hundreds of potential events and steamy encounters that cater to your exhibitionist, voyeuristic, and debauched desires.

⭐ Choose your identity: Embark on this captivating journey as a male, female, or non-binary character, allowing you to truly explore and express yourself in a way that feels authentic.

⭐ Browser-based convenience: Enjoy the freedom of accessing this enthralling simulation right in your browser, without the need to download or install any additional applications.

⭐ Tailor your experience: With numerous options and paths to explore, you have the power to mold your character's destiny, ensuring that each playthrough is unique and tailored to your preferences.

⭐ Embrace inclusivity: Experience a game that celebrates diversity, offering transgender options that allow you to play as your true self or explore different aspects of your identity.


Dive into a captivating and immersive adult college life simulator where endless possibilities await. Indulge in thrilling erotic scenes, make choices that shape your character's journey, and embrace inclusivity in a browser-based experience that is convenient and customizable. Explore your deepest desires and download Course of Temptation to embark on a thrilling adventure today.