Confidant Trainer

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Confidant Trainer is an exciting dating sim/visual novel that takes you on an enthralling journey into the universe of our beloved phantom thieves. With multiple routes for each of the core girls, this game promises to captivate your heart and explore the depth of your relationships. Immersed in a world of palaces and the metaverse, you'll not only embark on romantic adventures but also engage in thrilling battles and enhance your skills. Get ready to uncover secrets, build everlasting bonds, and experience the ultimate training as Confidant Trainer brings your fantasies to life!

Features of Confidant Trainer:

❤ Immersive Dating Sim Experience:

Confidant Trainer offers an immersive dating simulation experience where players can engage with the beloved characters from their favorite phantom thieves universe. The game aims to provide an authentic dating sim experience, allowing players to build relationships, go on virtual dates, and make choices that impact the story.

❤ Unique Blend of Genres:

This game is not just a dating sim but also incorporates elements of a visual novel and role-playing game (RPG). Players will not only engage in romantic interactions but also embark on exciting missions in palaces and the metaverse, adding an enthralling layer to the gameplay.

❤ Multiple Routes for Core Girls:

This app plans to offer dedicated story routes for each of the core girls available in the game. This means that players can choose the path they want to pursue, deepening their connections with their favorite characters and uncovering their unique storylines, motivations, and secrets.

❤ Skill-building and Training:

To succeed in this app, players will need to train their skills and abilities. By engaging in various activities, players can improve their character's attributes, unlocking new opportunities, and strengthening their bonds with the game's characters. This adds depth and strategy to the gameplay, enhancing the overall experience.


❤ Can I play as a female protagonist?

Confidant Trainer currently offers a male protagonist. However, there may be plans to introduce a female protagonist in future updates or expansions. Stay tuned for any announcements regarding this.

❤ Will there be DLCs or additional content for the game?

The development team behind this app is committed to providing a rich experience for players. While there are no official announcements regarding DLCs or additional content at the moment, it is possible that future updates may introduce new storylines or expanded gameplay options.

❤ Is the game suitable for all ages?

This app is designed for players who are mature enough to handle romantic themes and mild suggestive content. It is recommended for players who are above the age of 18. The game does not contain explicit content or graphic violence.


Confidant Trainer offers an enticing combination of dating sim, visual novel, and RPG gameplay. With multiple story routes, immersive character interactions, and the opportunity to engage in thrilling missions, this game provides a unique and captivating experience. By choosing your favorite core girl, training your skills, and unraveling their individual storylines, you can dive into a world filled with romance, adventure, and personal growth. Stay tuned for updates and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey with Confidant Trainer.