Kneel Before the Demon Queen

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In the captivating RPG game, "Kneel Before the Demon Queen," players are thrust into the role of Orlando, the once revered hero who failed to defeat the powerful demon queen. Now held captive in her opulent palace, Orlando must navigate a treacherous world of temptation and survival. With every whim and desire of the demon queen at his disposal, players must make strategic choices to either secure their freedom or succumb to a darker path. Prepare to be immersed in this thrilling tale of redemption, as Orlando fights to escape the clutches of Valefor and restore light to the kingdom.

Features of Kneel Before the Demon Queen:

> Engaging Storyline:

- Immerse yourself in a captivating tale of Orlando, the once-heroic knight, who finds himself enslaved by the demon queen, Valefor.

- Explore the depths of the demon queen's palace as Orlando faces an internal struggle between his desire for freedom and the temptations offered by the demon queen.

- Unveil the secrets of the kingdom's past and determine Orlando's fate as you progress through the game.

> Stunning Visuals:

- Immerse yourself in a visually appealing world with beautiful artwork and intricately designed characters.

- Enjoy dynamic animations and vivid backgrounds that bring the story to life.

- Experience a wide range of environments, from the grandeur of the demon queen's palace to the dark and mysterious dungeons.

> Challenging Gameplay:

- Battle through intense turn-based combat encounters as you face off against formidable enemies.

- Unlock a diverse set of skills and abilities to strategize your way through battles and overcome obstacles.

- Explore the palace's intricate layout and solve puzzles to progress further in the game.

> Multiple Endings and Choices:

- Your decisions throughout the game will determine Orlando's ultimate fate.

- Embrace or resist the temptations offered by the demon queen, shaping the outcome of the story.

- Unlock multiple endings based on your choices, adding replay value and enhancing the overall experience.

Tips for users:

> Pay attention to dialogue and interactions with characters, as they provide important clues and insights.

> Experiment with different strategies and skill combinations in combat to find your most effective playstyle.

> Explore every nook and cranny of the palace to discover hidden secrets and earn additional rewards.

> Save your progress frequently so you can experiment with different choices and explore alternative storylines.


Kneel Before the Demon Queen offers an enthralling RPG adventure that will leave players wanting more. With its captivating storyline, stunning visuals, challenging gameplay, and multiple endings, the game offers a uniquely immersive experience. Whether you choose to embrace the temptation or pursue freedom, the fate of Orlando lies in your hands. Dive into this captivating RPG experience and discover the twists and turns that await you in the demon queen's palace. Will you conquer your demons, or will you succumb to their seductive allure? Download now and find out!



  • Crashed in introduction repeatedly, unable to play at all
    2024-07-15 21:23:31
  • ♥️♥️
    2024-07-13 21:58:31
  • Finally a game with no ads or in-app purchases. Love the retro feel. Great game!
    2024-07-13 12:21:11
  • [This game is great but unfortunately my phone have some problem when running it. The screen always blink the main screen. I mean the game is running but the main screen (the first screen that you see when you open this game) is always blinking. Help me!] Edit: It still happening I think my phone processor doesn't support it mabye...
    2024-07-13 11:22:47
  • The menu system is bad. Needless clicks, it's not clear what button is active, or how to get out of a menu. The "farming" aspect is very basic. There's not really any gameplay there. The missions are not very imaginative, there's not much jeapordy, so not much excitement. However, this is a fair intro to this type of game, and RPGs generally. It suits younger kids. There are few games in this category, especially if, as a parent, you are looking for no horror, blood or needless killing.
    2024-07-13 03:48:26
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    2024-07-12 12:07:32