Lifelong Secret

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Embark on a journey of secrets, love, and self-discovery with Lifelong Secret. Step into the shoes of Anna, a young girl whose heart harbors a myriad of hidden emotions. As you navigate her life, you'll experience the power of love firsthand, grappling with the intense struggle of keeping it locked away. Will Anna's inner turmoil consume her, or will she find a way to contain it? Through stunning visuals and compelling storytelling, this game serves as a captivating side story to Nu'ar Studio's acclaimed project, The Last Enchantress: Revival. Prepare to unravel the mysteries within and be enthralled by Anna's heartfelt tale.

Features of Lifelong Secret:

Intriguing storyline: This game offers players the chance to uncover the hidden secrets of the protagonist, Anna. Players will be captivated from the start as they delve into her world of love and struggle.

Emotional connection: Through this app, users get to experience life through Anna's eyes, gaining a deep understanding of her emotions and inner turmoil. The app immerses users in a heartfelt journey that resonates with their own experiences.

Character exploration: Users not only play as Anna but will also have the opportunity to step into her brother's shoes in the upcoming update. This adds depth to the gameplay, allowing users to explore multiple perspectives and unravel the mysteries surrounding Anna's life.

Powerful theme of love: This game focuses on the most powerful feeling in the world – love. Players will find themselves captivated by Anna's romantic struggles and will be eager to see how she navigates through her feelings while keeping her secrets hidden.

Connection to a larger project: This app serves as a side story to Nu'ar Studio's main project, The Last Enchantress: Revival. By playing it, users not only enjoy an engaging standalone experience but also get a glimpse into the larger world created by the studio.

Time-based gameplay: Only time will tell the fate of Anna's secrets. This adds a sense of anticipation and urgency to the game, urging players to continue playing and uncover the truth behind Anna's hidden emotions.


Lifelong Secret is a captivating app that takes users on an emotional journey filled with love, secrets, and self-discovery. With an intriguing storyline, compelling characters, and a connection to a larger project, this app promises an immersive and unforgettable experience. Download Lifelong Secret now to embark on a heart-wrenching adventure.