Hikari! Clover Rescue

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In the near future, brace yourself for a thrilling adventure in the revolutionary app, Hikari! Clover Rescue. Enter a world where The Corporation, an ominous organization, is plotting world domination with enigmatic clover-shaped amulets. As the hero, it is your duty to thwart their nefarious plans and restore peace. Navigate through captivating levels, unraveling the secrets of these mystic tokens while facing formidable challenges. Armed with your wit and courage, dive into an action-packed journey filled with suspense, strategy, and unexpected twists. Will you be able to rescue the world from the clutches of The Corporation? The fate of humanity rests in your hands.

Features of Hikari! Clover Rescue:

⭐ Unique storyline: Hikari! Clover Rescue offers a captivating and original storyline set in a not-so-distant future where The Corporation seeks to dominate the world using clover-shaped amulets.

⭐ Engaging gameplay: Dive into a world filled with mystery, adventure, and romance as you navigate through challenging puzzles and make critical decisions that shape the outcome of the game.

⭐ Beautiful visuals: Immerse yourself in stunning hand-drawn artwork, vibrant colors, and charming character designs that bring the game's world to life.

⭐ Multiple endings: Your choices matter! Experience different endings based on the decisions you make throughout the game, ensuring a high replayability value.

Tips for users:

⭐ Explore thoroughly: Don't rush through the game! Take your time to explore each scene, interact with characters, and gather valuable clues that will help you progress further.

⭐ Pay attention to dialogue: The conversations you engage in can provide crucial information and hints for solving puzzles or uncovering secrets. Listen carefully and take notes if needed.

⭐ Experiment with choices: There are multiple paths and endings to discover. Don't be afraid to make different choices and see where they take you. You might be surprised by the outcomes.


Hikari! Clover Rescue is an intriguing visual novel that combines a unique storyline, engaging gameplay, beautiful visuals, and multiple endings. Whether you're a fan of visual novels or new to the genre, this game offers an immersive experience that will keep you hooked from start to finish. Embark on a thrilling adventure, unveil the mysteries behind the clover amulets, and make decisions that will shape the fate of the world. Download Hikari! Clover Rescue now and let the journey begin!