Light of my life

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"Rekindle" is an immersive adult visual novel called Light of my Life that tells a heart-wrenching story of loss and love. As the main character, you are a caregiver who tragically lost your wife and are left to raise your two young wards. Fast forward five years, and the grief has torn you apart. Your adult wards have grown distant, and it's up to you to bridge the gap and bring the light back into their hearts. Will you overcome the self-imposed barriers and help them fulfill their dreams, or will the shared pain keep you apart? It's a story that challenges your emotions and tests the power of healing and forgiveness.

Features of Light of my life:

- Emotional storytelling: Light of my Life provides a deep and heartfelt narrative that explores loss, grief, and the power of love. It will tug at your heartstrings and leave a lasting impact.

- Interactive gameplay: As the player, you will make choices that directly influence the storyline and the relationships with your wards. Your decisions will determine the outcome of the game.

- Beautiful artwork: The visual novel is accompanied by stunning visuals and beautifully illustrated characters, enhancing the overall immersive experience.

- Multiple endings: With different paths and choices to make, Light of my Life offers multiple endings, adding replay value and allowing you to explore various outcomes.

Tips for users:

- Pay attention to your choices: Each decision you make will have consequences and affect the story. Consider the impact your choices may have on the relationship with your wards.

- Explore all paths: To fully experience the game, try different choices and paths to unlock all the endings and discover the nuances of the story.

- Engage with the characters: Interact with your wards by choosing dialogue options and participating in activities. Get to know their thoughts, fears, and aspirations to build stronger connections.


Light of my Life is a touching and immersive visual novel that delves into themes of loss and love. With its emotional storytelling, interactive gameplay, captivating artwork, and multiple endings, the game offers a compelling experience for players. Engage with the characters, make choices that shape the narrative, and discover the power of healing and resilience. Will you be able to help your wards overcome their grief and find their own light again? Play Light of my Life and find out.