Tsubasa’s Physical

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Experience the thrilling life of Tsubasa as she navigates the ups and downs of her new all-girls school in this captivating app. Join Tsubasa as she makes new friends and immerses herself in an exciting world of fun and adventure. However, her excitement comes to a halt when her teacher informs her that she needs a physical examination, and the teacher himself will be the one to conduct it. Tsubasa's embarrassment is palpable, but she must face this challenge head-on. This short novel game allows you to explore various modes, including the normal mode, gallery mode, and a CG mode with stunning animations. With 8 CGs and pose arts with animations, as well as 6 engaging scenes, Tsubasa’s Physical promises to keep you entertained. Plus, with features like message skipping and compatibility with Android devices, you can access this delightful experience anytime, anywhere. Whether you're a fan of novels or interactive games, this app is a must-try.

Features of Tsubasa’s Physical:

❤️ Interactive Story: Immerse yourself in an engaging and captivating short novel game that revolves around Tsubasa's experiences at her all-girl school.

❤️ Multiple Game Modes: Enjoy the story through normal mode, explore beautiful visuals in gallery mode, and experience stunning animated CGs in the CG mode.

❤️ Stunning Visuals: Delight your senses with 8 beautifully illustrated CGs and pose arts that bring the story to life with captivating animations.

❤️ Engaging Scenes: Uncover Tsubasa's journey through 6 intriguing scenes, filled with excitement, friendship, and unexpected twists.

❤️ Convenient Message Skipping: Easily skip through previously read messages, allowing for a personalized and streamlined gameplay experience.

❤️ Device Compatibility: Available for Android devices, ensuring that you can enjoy this thrilling game on the go. Tsubasa’s Physical is also conveniently provided in APK and Windows EXE formats, accommodating various platforms.


Accompany Tsubasa on her exciting adventure through an all-girls' school in this visually stunning and immersive short novel game. With multiple game modes, captivating scenes, and stunning animations, you won't be able to resist diving into the intriguing story. Download now and embark on a captivating adventure!