Isekai Awakening

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Introducing our app, "Isekai Awakening"! Discover nearby individuals with unique qualities and explore their fascinating stories. Unlock the extraordinary ability to travel through time using a magical music instrument. Experience the thrill of pregnancy and witness the development of a new life through a captivating slot machine minigame. Raise your own child with special events and magical potions to accelerate their growth. Create unforgettable moments with compatible individuals, whether it's a thrilling threesome or a cozy night at home. Upgrade your surroundings and even create a BDSM dungeon. Take your date to their favorite locations and enjoy countless animated CGs. Download now for an enchanting experience!

Features of Isekai Awakening:

- Special Skill: This app allows you to use a special skill to find nearby girls and explore their unique features.

- Pregnancy Content: Each female character in the game has different probabilities of getting pregnant. There is a mini-game where you can try to get high volumes of cum to make the girl pregnant.

- Time Travel: Use a magical music instrument to go back and forward in time, adding an exciting element to the gameplay.

- Baby Simulation: When a girl gets pregnant, she will eventually deliver a baby. You can name the baby and experience their own events. Magical potions can be used to age them faster.

- Threesome Events: You can ask girls to follow you and take them to other compatible female characters for possible threesome events. This adds a thrilling and adventurous aspect to the game.

- Customization: Upgrade furniture and create a dungeon if you're interested in BDSM. You can also take girls on dates to their favorite locations, adding a romantic touch to the gameplay.


Isekai Awakening offers a unique and exciting gaming experience. With its special skill feature, you can easily find and interact with nearby girls. The pregnancy content adds a realistic touch, allowing you to experience the journey of parenthood. Time travel and baby simulation features make the gameplay more immersive and engaging. The option for threesome events adds an adventurous twist to the game. Additionally, customization options like upgrading furniture and creating a dungeon cater to different preferences. Overall, this app provides a diverse range of features that will keep users entertained and coming back for more. Click now to download and start your thrilling gaming journey!