Now and Then

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Now and Then invites adult gamers to embark on an emotionally gripping journey as they step into the shoes of a young widowed protagonist. Trapped with his stepdaughter amidst a global epidemic and mandatory self-isolation, players face a myriad of challenges. Haunted by grief, the protagonist must navigate the complexities of living with a stranger while unraveling the stories of other characters in this enthralling narrative. With a dynamic choice system, players can shape the direction of the story, forge meaningful connections, and delve into a scenario that captivates their curiosity. Prepare to be enthralled as you immerse yourself in Now and Then's captivating world.

Features of Now and Then:

⭐️ Engaging storyline: Now and Then offers a captivating storyline where players take on the role of a young widower struggling with grief while also being responsible for his stepdaughter in a world ravaged by an epidemic.

⭐️ Realistic portrayal of self-isolation: The app realistically captures the challenges and difficulties of self-isolation, presenting a world where everyone is confined to their homes due to the epidemic. Users will be able to relate to the daily struggles faced by the characters in their quest for survival.

⭐️ Character development: Participants can witness the growth and development of the main characters, including the widower and his stepdaughter, as they navigate their new, unfamiliar circumstances. The app allows users to build and shape these relationships through the choice system.

⭐️ Choice-based narrative: The choice system in Now and Then empowers players to determine the direction of the narrative. Users can make decisions that will shape the storyline, establish relationships with other characters, and guide their journey based on their own interests and preferences.

⭐️ Emotional journey: The app delves into deep emotions, providing an immersive experience for players. It explores themes of loss, grief, and the challenges of adapting to a new life amidst a pandemic. Users can empathize and connect with the characters on a profound level.

⭐️ Diverse supporting characters:It features a vibrant cast of minor characters that add depth and complexity to the overall story. These characters contribute to the challenges and conflicts faced by the widower and his stepdaughter, making the app's world feel vivid and realistic.


Now and Then presents an emotionally engaging experience for adult gamers. With its captivating storyline, realistic portrayal of self-isolation, choice-based narrative, and profound character development, this app invites users to embark on a compelling journey of emotions and relationships. Download Now and Then to immerse yourself in a thought-provoking and captivating gaming experience.