Bocchi The Fakku Ex

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Introducing "Bocchi The Fakku Ex," a highly interactive and visually stunning game that will fulfill all your desires. With three different finishing animations and the ability to hide the UI, this game offers endless possibilities. Simply control the actions with a left mouse click and explore all the available actions by pressing the "?" at the top right. Although this is a one-shot project, you can expect more updates for our popular game, Nemurimouto, and occasional one-shot projects like this. Don't miss out on the excitement and download now! Also, don't forget to check out our other amazing game.

Features of Bocchi The Fakku Ex:

- Multiple game versions: Users can access different versions of the game, as well as other games developed by the same creator.

- One-scene H-game: The app offers a single scene game that focuses on a specific scenario.

- Finishing animations: Users can experience three different finishing animations, each with small variations, adding variety to the gameplay.

- User-friendly controls: The app allows users to hide the user interface with a right mouse click and control actions with a left mouse click, making it easy to navigate and interact with the game.

- Help feature: If users feel lost or unsure about available actions, they can simply click on the "?" icon at the top right corner to access a guide with all the available actions.

- Highly interactive: Despite its short duration, the app offers a highly interactive experience where users can undress the character and engage in various activities according to their desires.


If you enjoy adult games, Bocchi The Fakku Ex provides a unique and engaging experience. With multiple game versions and other games available, you can explore different scenarios and enjoy various finishing animations. The user-friendly controls make it easy to navigate and interact with the game, while the help feature ensures you never feel lost. Although it is a one-shot project, the developer promises updates for their other game, Nemurimouto, and occasional one-shot projects like this. Don't miss out on the opportunity to download and enjoy this highly interactive and entertaining app. Additionally, consider trying out the developer's other game for even more exciting experiences. Click now to download and start playing!