How To Raise A Harem (QooApp)

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How To Raise A Harem offers players a fresh gaming experience. Step into the role of a member of the royal academy and embark on a journey filled with stunning visuals and thrilling battles. In this floating land, you'll encounter surprise encounters and connect with other players. As you navigate through the arena, you'll join forces with a group of girls to conquer the boys you encounter. However, the adventure is just beginning, and you'll need to strategize innovatively to obtain the most vital resource. Choose from a list of highly prominent characters and customize your appearance and outfits to stand out. Engage in beauty enhancement, outfit shopping, and other activities to improve your skills. With a variety of costumes and accessories to choose from, you can experiment and transform into the perfect character. Sharpen your skills through apprenticeships and training sessions, and compete in official contests to showcase your abilities. Explore the unique festival events and immerse yourself in the romantic love stories that unfold in this enchanting space. Organize meetings, practice lessons, and observe the actions of other characters as you strive for love, power, and beauty. The app also offers fair competitions, allowing you to challenge your friends in a dynamic environment. Set in a city in the clouds, you can enjoy beauty treatments, chat with others, attend meetings, and experience the joys and challenges of living together. Will you be able to overcome the difficult situations and emerge as the beauty queen in this mysterious academy? It's time to unlock your potential and claim your throne in this exciting world of How To Raise A Harem.

Features of How To Raise A Harem (QooApp):

⭐️ Beautiful Images: The app offers a series of beautiful images that will captivate users and enhance their overall experience.

⭐️ Exciting Fighting Activities: Users can participate in thrilling fighting activities as a member of the royal academy, adding an element of excitement to the gameplay.

⭐️ Character Customization: Players can choose their desired face, perfect body, and outfits to meet the objectives of the game. They can freely combine costumes and accessories to create the perfect character.

⭐️ Apprenticeships and Skills Training: To become a perfect character, users need to participate in short training courses and practice sessions. This allows them to improve their skills and become more successful in the game.

⭐️ Romantic Love Stories: The app includes romantic love stories where users can organize meetings with friends of the opposite sex. This adds a romantic element to the gameplay and allows users to practice their social skills.

⭐️ Competitions and Achievements: The app creates fair competitions among players, providing a dynamic environment to fight with friends. Users can strive to become the beauty queen in this mysterious aerial kingdom.


"How To Raise A Harem" offers a unique and engaging gaming experience with its beautiful images, exciting fighting activities, character customization, apprenticeships, romantic love stories, and competitions. Download the app now to immerse yourself in this captivating world and become the beauty queen of the academy!