Where Girls Are Made

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Introducing "Where Girls Are Made," a captivating and thought-provoking game set in a dystopian future. Step into the shoes of a male protagonist working the night shift in a factory that manufactures artificial androids, or "girls," as replacements for the extinct female population. As a player, your mission is to ensure the android products are flawless and meet client specifications. Navigate through various sections like the intense "Factory" where you strive to earn as much money as possible and the intriguing "Market," where you can purchase custom-designed androids. Get ready to explore the "Apartment" where the game takes an intimate turn, presenting uncharted experiences. Join me, Arisu, in bringing this incredible project to life and unlock a world teeming with possibilities! Your support will enable me to work full-time on this game, so let's embark on this journey together!

Features of Where Girls Are Made:

> Unique story simulation: The App offers a one-of-a-kind experience in a dystopian future where lustful men populate the world and artificial androids replace women.

> Role-playing and visual novel elements: Players take on the role of a male protagonist working in a factory that produces these android girls. They must ensure the androids are perfect and meet client specifications.

> Engaging gameplay: The game combines simulation, reading, and visual novel aspects to provide an immersive experience for the players.

> "Factory" section: Players earn money by working in the factory. The goal is to maximize earnings before the shift ends, making strategic decisions to avoid errors that can reduce their salary.

> "Market" section: Players can use the money earned to purchase custom-designed androids. These androids can be taken home and interacted with in the game's "Apartment" section.

> "Apartment" section: This area focuses on lewd scenes and intimate interactions with the androids. Players can replenish energy by sleeping and continue the gameplay cycle.


Where Girls Are Made is a unique and captivating story simulation game that offers players an immersive experience in a dystopian future. With role-playing and visual novel elements, the game combines strategic decision-making in the factory section with customization and intimate interactions in the market and apartment sections. The engaging gameplay and intriguing storyline make it a must-download for those seeking a thrilling and immersive gaming experience. Support Arisu's project to help bring this game to life and enable them to work on it full time.