Harem Cartel – Version 0.1 [TotalHarem]

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In the immersive world of "Harem Cartel," you are thrust into the dark and dangerous criminal underworld of Blighton. As the son of a renowned gang leader, your life is filled with exhilarating thrills and treacherous challenges. However, everything changes when your father is suddenly arrested, leaving you to pick up the pieces.In this adult sandbox game, you have only one rule: women are the only members allowed in your new family. Utilizing your wealth, charm, or even fear, you become the master recruiter, seeking out girls from both the local university and the sprawling city. By helping them overcome their problems, you form deep relationships based on love or fear.This non-linear, choice-driven storyline allows you to navigate through the various twists and turns of the criminal world. Will you choose to build a harem filled with love and compassion, or will you manipulate and dominate your way to power? The choice is yours in "Harem Cartel."

Features of Harem Cartel – Version 0.1 [TotalHarem]:

❤️ Immersive Criminal World: Dive into the gritty criminal underworld of Blighton and experience the thrills and challenges of a life immersed in crime.

❤️ Build Your Own Harem: As the son of a notorious gang leader, you have the power to build your own family where only you and women are allowed. Create your dream harem and indulge in your fantasies.

❤️ Recruiting System: Utilize your wealth, charm, or fear to recruit girls from a local university and across the city. Aid them with their problems and build strong relationships based on love or fear.

❤️ Non-Linear Storyline: Immerse yourself in a choice-driven storyline with dozens of characters. Make decisions that will shape the future of your criminal empire and see the consequences of your actions unfold.

❤️ Engaging Gameplay: Enjoy an addictive gameplay experience as you navigate through the criminal underworld, make strategic choices, and overcome challenges to rise to the top of the Harem Cartel.

❤️ Stunning Graphics: Delight your visual senses with stunning graphics that bring the criminal world of Blighton to life. Experience the city in all its dark and seductive glory.


Harem Cartel provides an immersive and thrilling experience in the criminal underworld. With its captivating storyline, choice-driven gameplay, and the ability to build your own harem, this app offers a unique and exciting adventure. Whether you prefer love or fear as your strategy, the non-linear storyline allows you to shape your own destiny. Download now and embark on a journey filled with suspense, romance, and power.