First Valentine’s Day Date
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Society of Lust
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Experience the captivating love story of Dante and Laura in the exciting new app, First Valentine’s Day Date. Set three years before the upcoming sequel, this prequel takes you back to the early days of their relationship when they were still in university and deeply in love. Join them on their very first Valentine’s Day date and witness the passionate events that unfold as the night progresses. While not necessary to understand the sequel, this visual novel allows you to delve into the characters' backgrounds and witness the cracks that appear in their relationship. Prepare for surprises, both heartfelt and naughty, as Dante and Laura express their love for each other in the most intimate ways. Don't miss out on this unforgettable experience, available now!

Features of First Valentine’s Day Date:

* Prequel story: The App offers a prequel story to an upcoming game, set three years before its events.

* Kinetic visual novel: The App provides an interactive storytelling experience through a kinetic visual novel format.

* Valentine's Day theme: The story revolves around the first Valentine's Day date of the main characters, Dante and Laura.

* Character development: Users get to learn more about the characters, especially the protagonist, and their relationship before encountering challenges.

* Updated appearance: The characters have received a makeover in appearance, enhancing the visual experience for users.

* Improved translation: The English translation of the story has been honed and improved for a better reading experience.


Discover the captivating world of Dante and Laura's love story in this prequel kinetic visual novel app. Step into their shoes and witness the very first Valentine's Day date filled with surprises, deep love, and irresistible passion. Discover the characters' development and get immersed in the beautifully updated appearance of the game. Don't miss out on the opportunity to read the improved English translation, making this re-release even more engaging. Click now to download and embark on a thrilling journey with First Valentine's Day Date!