Aspirina Squad

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Aspirina Squad is an innovative app that was created as a college project in collaboration with Bayer. This exciting and challenging project aimed to increase the influence of the Aspirina brand in the competitive pharmaceutical market. Our solution was to develop a captivating geolocation game where players could combat pain monsters using powerful Aspirina cards obtained along the way. Cooperation is key in this game, as players need to work together to defeat the monsters. Although our Mapbox account has expired, users can still download the game for a demonstration and test the combat feature. Get ready for an immersive experience filled with adventure and strategy.

Features of Aspirina Squad:

* Geolocalization: The app utilizes geolocalization technology to create a unique gaming experience. Players can interact with their real-world surroundings while playing the game.

* Monster Battles: The objective of the game is to defeat monsters of pain using powerful Aspirina cards. Players can accumulate these cards as they progress through the game.

* Cooperative Gameplay: Cooperation is essential to succeed in the game. Players can team up with others to take down powerful monsters, enhancing the social aspect of gameplay.

* Fun and Engaging: The app offers an exciting and enjoyable gaming experience. It was designed to entertain users while also challenging them with various game mechanics.

* Brand Integration: The game aims to increase the influence of the Aspirina brand within the medication market. By incorporating Aspirina cards and promoting their usage in the game, players develop a stronger connection with the brand.

* Demo Version Available: Users have the opportunity to try out the game by downloading the demo version. Although the map feature may not be available due to an expired Mapbox account, players can still test the combat mechanics.


Aspirina Squad is an innovative and captivating gaming app that utilizes geolocalization technology to create a one-of-a-kind experience. With its monster battlegrounds and cooperative gameplay, players can enjoy an engaging and social gaming experience. The incorporation of Aspirina cards strengthens the brand connection, while the availability of a demo version allows users to explore the game and test its capabilities. Don't miss out on the opportunity to download this entertaining and addictive app.