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Introducing "501", a strategic and engaging intellectual card game perfect for three players. This game is reminiscent of the popular "1000" game and offers a thrilling challenge for card enthusiasts. With every 25 rounds played and a high score achieved, players can secure a spot in the prestigious local table of champions. But the excitement doesn't end there! "501" also lets you send your scores to the game server, allowing you to compete with fellow fans from all corners of the globe. To personalize your gaming experience, the app offers a variety of options, including choosing your favorite deck of cards, card backs, and playing table background. Immerse yourself in the game with its unobtrusive soundtrack, and enjoy playing in your preferred language with English, Russian, and German support. Get ready to unleash your strategic skills and conquer the card game world with "501"!

Features of 501:

> Three-player card game: "501" is an intellectual card game designed specifically for three players. It offers a unique and engaging multiplayer experience that sets it apart from other card games.

> Similar to popular game: The game is very similar to the highly popular game "1000", allowing players to enjoy a familiar gameplay style with some exciting twists and challenges.

> Compete globally: By sending scores to the game server, players have the opportunity to compete with fans of "501" from all around the world. This global competition adds an extra level of excitement and motivation to the game.

> Personalize your experience: The app allows users to customize their gameplay experience by choosing their preferred deck of cards, card backs, and playing table background. This personalization feature ensures that each player can create a unique and enjoyable gaming environment.

> Enjoyable soundtrack: With an unobtrusive soundtrack, the game creates an immersive and enjoyable atmosphere for players. The soundtrack enhances the overall gaming experience, making it even more captivating.

> Multilingual support: "501" supports multiple languages, including English, Russian, and German. This allows players from different regions to easily understand and enjoy the game, fostering a global community of players.


Offering a thrilling three-player card game experience, "501" stands out among other card games in the market. Its similarities to the popular game "1000" make it instantly appealing to players, while the option to compete globally adds an extra layer of excitement. With customizable options, a pleasant soundtrack, and multilingual support, "501" provides players with a personalized and enjoyable gaming experience. Download "501" now to join the global community of card game enthusiasts and start your journey to becoming a champion.