Dice, Hands & Dragons

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Ion Ray
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Introducing Dice, Hands & Dragons! Immerse yourself in the ultimate card playing and combat experience with this captivating Android app. Although a prototype, its gameplay is fully playable, allowing you to delve into the thrilling world of dice and cards. As the developer, I am constantly working on enhancing the game, aiming to introduce captivating features such as animated dice rolling and card playing, compelling player and enemy character sprites, and an expansive dungeon crawling roguelike/roguelite gameplay loop. But that's not all! I also plan to improve the character creator, offer stores to purchase upgrades for your runs, and bring so much more excitement to the game. Join the adventure and let us know what you think of the main gameplay loop!

Features of Dice, Hands & Dragons:

❤️ Prototype of card playing and combat: This app allows you to experience a prototype of a unique combination of card playing and combat.

❤️ Playable game: Despite being a prototype, the game is fully playable, providing an enjoyable gaming experience.

❤️ Card and dice portion: The app focuses on the card and dice aspects of the game idea, allowing users to dive into this specific gameplay element.

❤️ Potential future additions: If well-received, the app developer plans to incorporate exciting features like dice rolling and card playing animations, player and enemy character sprites, a larger roguelike/roguelite gameplay loop, an updated character creator, stores to buy upgrades for your runs, and more.

❤️ Android compatibility: The app is available for download on Android devices, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of users.

❤️ User feedback invitation: The developer values user opinions and encourages players to express their thoughts on the main gameplay loop, indicating a commitment to constant improvement and user satisfaction.


Dice, Hands & Dragons is more than just a game; it is a unique prototype that combines card playing and combat elements. Despite being in its early stages, the app offers a fully playable experience, allowing users to explore the captivating world of card gaming. The developer's future plans to introduce additional features like animations, character sprites, and a larger gameplay loop promise an even more immersive experience. Download now to enjoy this prototype and be part of shaping a remarkable future game!