TableTop BornStar – New Version 0.65 [Basilicata]

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Step into the glitz and glamour of Hollywood in 1999 with TableTop BornStar. This unique adult visual novel game intertwines dice and card gameplay with an intoxicating storyline centered around corruption. As a washed-up talent agent, you find yourself confined to your office under house arrest. However, this doesn't stop you from embarking on a thrilling journey with Mary Jane, a naive country girl who yearns for stardom. Will you exploit her vulnerability for personal gain, or will you genuinely guide her towards success? The power to shape their destiny lies in your hands. Get ready for a captivating experience where choices define the path to fame and riches.

Features of TableTop BornStar – New Version 0.65 [Basilicata]:

- Hollywood setting in 1999: The app transports users to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood in 1999, providing a nostalgic and immersive experience.

- Unique gameplay with dice and cards: The app offers an engaging tabletop gameplay experience, combining visual novel elements with dice and cards, adding layers of strategy and excitement.

- Main fetish of corruption: The app explores the theme of corruption, offering a provocative and thrilling storyline that keeps users engaged and guessing.

- Play as a washed-up talent agent: Users assume the role of a washed-up talent agent, adding a sense of realism and empathy as players navigate the challenges of the entertainment industry.

- Guide a young country girl to fame and riches: The app presents the opportunity to shape the destiny of Mary Jane, a young and aspiring actress, allowing users to make choices that can lead her to success or downfall.

- Moral ambiguity and decision making: Users have the power to influence the storyline and character development, deciding whether to take advantage of Mary Jane or genuinely help her, adding complexity and replay value to the game.


Dive into the captivating world of Hollywood in 1999 with TableTop BornStar. Immerse yourself in this unique app that combines tabletop gameplay with a thrilling and provocative storyline focused on corruption. Assume the role of a washed-up talent agent and guide Mary Jane, a young country girl, to fame and fortunes. Your choices will shape her destiny, allowing for endless possibilities and moral dilemmas. Get ready to make decisions that will challenge your ethics and strategic thinking. Click now to download and embark on this captivating adventure