Faded Bonds – Version 0.1

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Whispering Studios
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Revisit your past, confront your addictions, and redefine your legacy in Faded Bonds – Version 0.1. Step into the shoes of a wealthy middle-aged man on the brink of death, facing a critical crossroad. Awakening in a hospital bed, you're given a chance to transform your life. As you contemplate mortality and the fate of your business, familiar faces from your past resurface, offering you a shot at redemption. This captivating interactive visual novel puts you in control, with multiple endings awaiting based on the decisions you make. Can you rewrite your destiny and leave a lasting impact? The choice is yours in Faded Bonds.

Features of Faded Bonds – Version 0.1:

⭐️ Engaging storyline: Follow the journey of a middle-aged man who is given a second chance at life after facing a near-death experience. Experience the emotional rollercoaster as you navigate through his addictions, relationships, and the consequences of his actions.

⭐️ Interactive gameplay: As an interactive visual novel, you have the power to shape the protagonist's fate. Your choices throughout the game will determine various endings, keeping you hooked and eager to explore different paths.

⭐️ Rich character development: Encounter a diverse cast of characters, including those who have abandoned the protagonist in the past. Witness their reappearance and confront the consequences of their actions. Immerse yourself in their stories and uncover the complexities of human relationships.

⭐️ Thought-provoking themes: Dive deep into existential questions about life, death, and the legacy we leave behind. Delve into powerful narratives that explore the importance of making meaningful changes in our lives and the impact it has on those around us.

⭐️ Stunning visuals: Immerse yourself in beautiful visuals that bring the story to life. From detailed character designs to captivating backgrounds, every element contributes to creating a visually striking experience.

⭐️ Multiple endings: Harness the power to shape the protagonist's destiny with your choices. Explore various alternate endings and uncover hidden paths as you grasp the opportunity to rewrite the protagonist's life story.


Join the captivating journey in Faded Bonds – Version0.1,an interactive visual novel that places you in the shoes of a middle-aged man seeking redemption. With its engaging storyline, thought-provoking themes, and stunning visuals, this app offers a unique and immersive experience. Explore the consequences of your choices, witness the reappearance of those who abandoned you, and unravel multiple endings that will leave you yearning for more. Download now and embark on a poignant and transformative adventure.