Maddie Goes Shopping

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Introducing "Maddie Goes Shopping" - a fun and flirty app where you can chat with Maddie while she explores the world of fashion. Join Maddie as she messages you from a coffee shop, ready to flirt and have a great time. Experience the excitement as you help her try on clothes in the changing rooms. This addictive spin-off from our popular game offers a unique and interactive experience. Don't miss out on the chance to play the demo in your browser or explore more thrilling games like this on our Patreon page. Download now and embark on a shopping adventure with Maddie!

Features of this App:

- Interactive Chat: Engage in a lively conversation with Maddie as she goes shopping. Experience a unique and immersive chat experience that will keep you entertained.

- Flirting Fun: Get ready to flirt with Maddie right from the start. Enjoy playful banter and exciting moments as you build a connection with her.

- Dressing Room Adventures: Join Maddie in the changing rooms and become her fashion advisor. Help her try on different outfits and make stylish choices together.

- Easy Accessibility: Play the demo of this captivating game directly in your browser. No need to download or install anything, just click and start your adventure.

- Unique Spin-off: This app is a spin-off from a popular game, offering a fresh and exciting experience for both new and existing players. Discover a new side of the story and dive into the world of Maddie.

- More Games Available: Explore a variety of similar games on our Patreon page. Unlock even more thrilling adventures and enjoy endless entertainment.


Immerse yourself in an exciting and interactive chat with Maddie as she embarks on a shopping spree. Flirt, laugh, and connect with her in this unique app that takes you into the changing rooms for a fashion-filled adventure. With easy accessibility and a spin-off from a popular game, this app offers a fresh and captivating experience. Don't miss out on the chance to explore more games like this on our Patreon page. Click now to download and start your thrilling journey with Maddie!