My Runaway Girl

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Introducing My Runaway Girl, a captivating visual novel inspired by Shimesaba's Higehiro. Join Toshio, a part-time convenience store clerk, as he takes in Miyoko in exchange for help around the house. Will they overcome their challenges together? Will a forbidden romance blossom? Or will their secrets be exposed? The choice is yours! With 15 chapters, side stories, and three unique routes, you can pursue romance, friendship, or something more sinister. Please note that the game contains NSFW elements and is intended for an 18+ audience. Experience realistic consequences and satisfying choices as you shape the protagonists' relationship. Stay tuned for updates and join our Discord server for closer contact with the developers. Download now and embark on an unforgettable journey!

Features of the App:

- Interactive Storytelling: My Runaway Girl offers a captivating visual novel experience where your choices shape the protagonists' relationship and determine the outcome of the story.

- Multiple Routes: With three unique routes to explore, you can pursue romance, friendship, or even delve into something more sinister. The game offers diverse paths for you to discover.

- Needs System: Manage the characters' needs and make sure they are taken care of. This adds a realistic element to the gameplay and affects the development of the story.

- Store/Job System: Immerse yourself in the characters' lives by engaging in their daily routines. Take on part-time jobs and explore the convenience store environment, adding depth to the gameplay.

- Buyable Items: Customize your experience by purchasing gifts and outfits for the characters. This allows you to personalize their appearance and enhance your connection with them.

- Realistic Consequences: Your choices in the game have meaningful and interesting consequences for the characters. The developers aim to provide satisfying decision-making experiences that reflect real-life situations.


My Runaway Girl is an engaging and immersive visual novel app that offers a unique storytelling experience. With its interactive gameplay, multiple routes, and realistic consequences, the app provides a captivating journey where your choices truly matter. Whether you seek romance, friendship, or a darker path, this app has something for everyone. Customize your characters, manage their needs, and explore their daily lives through the store/job system. Join the developers' Discord server for closer contact and stay tuned for updates on Patreon. Download My Runaway Girl now and embark on a thrilling adventure filled with choices and consequences.