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Introducing GG Mahjong, the revolutionary app that combines the classic game of mahjong with an innovative video call feature. Experience the Authentic Malaysian Style 3P and 4P mahjong right at your fingertips. Not only does GG Mahjong offer an exciting gameplay experience, but it also allows you to connect with friends through video, eliminating the need for physical meetups. Invite your friends to your private table anytime, anywhere, and enjoy hours of fun together. Plus, with its updated leaderboard, you can track your ranking and compete against real players in public matches. Join this app now for free and start winning rewards while having a blast! Please note that this app is intended for users 18 or older and does not involve real money gambling.

Features of GG Mahjong:

Free to play with daily lucky spins: This app offers a free gameplay experience, allowing players to enjoy the game without any cost. Additionally, new players receive free coins upon registration, with the chance to win more through daily lucky spins. This helps players kickstart their mahjong journey without the need for any financial investment.

Video call feature for interacting with friends: Unlike traditional mahjong games, this app introduces a unique video call feature that allows players to chat with friends directly at their virtual table. This means that players can connect and interact with their friends without the need for physical meetups, making the game even more enjoyable and convenient.

Private table invites: This app enables players to invite their friends to private tables at any time and from anywhere. This feature adds a personal touch to the game, allowing players to create their own exclusive and intimate gaming sessions. Whether playing with a close-knit group or holding a mini-tournament, GG Mahjong provides the flexibility to customize the gaming experience.

Real player matches: Players can also engage in matches with real people in public gameplay sessions. This adds an element of competition and excitement, as players have the opportunity to test their skills against other mahjong enthusiasts. It's a chance to showcase abilities and climb up the rankings in the updated leaderboard.


Is this app completely free to play?

Yes, this app is free to play and even offers free coins for first-time registered players. However, there may be additional in-app purchases available for users who wish to enhance their gameplay experience further.

How does the video call feature work?

The video call feature in this app allows players to interact with their friends while playing the game. Users can initiate a video call at their virtual table, enabling them to have real-time conversations and enjoy a more immersive social experience.

Can I play with friends on private tables from different locations?

Absolutely! It's private table invite feature allows you to play with friends no matter where they are. As long as all players have the app installed, they can connect and enjoy the game together, regardless of their physical locations.


GG Mahjong offers a unique and immersive gaming experience, combining the traditional Malaysian style mahjong with modern features. With its free-to-play nature and daily lucky spins, players can enjoy the game without any financial commitment. The video call feature eliminates the need for physical meetups, fostering social connections among friends. Additionally, the ability to invite friends to private tables and compete against real players in public matches adds to the excitement and enjoyment of the game. Whether you're a casual player or a mahjong enthusiast, GG Mahjong provides a fun and interactive platform to challenge your skills, connect with friends, and climb the leaderboard. Join GG Mahjong now and embark on an exciting mahjong journey filled with rewards and entertainment. Download the app and have fun today!