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Bingo Blaze is the ultimate bingo game that allows you to play with friends and millions of players from all over the world. With over 60 unique game rooms, you can enjoy a variety of playstyles and earn amazing rewards. Unlock city rooms and win big as you go through the world bingo tour. Plus, you get free tickets and power-ups every day to enhance your gameplay. Join tournaments for special rewards and complete challenges and achievements to receive free gifts. With cross-platform capabilities, you can play Bingo Blaze on any of your phones and tablets using the same account. Stay tuned for more exciting events and festivals! Download now and start daubing!

Features of this app:

- 60+ unique game rooms: The app offers a wide variety of bingo rooms with different themes and playstyles, providing a unique experience for players.

- World Bingo Tour: Players can unlock city rooms by progressing through the world bingo tour, offering a sense of achievement and the chance to win big rewards.

- Daily free tickets and power-ups: Users can receive free tickets and power-ups every day, allowing them to play more games and increase their chances of winning.

- Tournaments with special rewards: Players can participate in tournaments and compete against others to win special rewards, adding a competitive element to the gameplay.

- Challenges and Achievements: The app offers challenges and achievements that players can complete to earn free gifts, providing additional incentives to keep playing.

- Cross-platform compatibility: By logging in with their Facebook account, users can play Bingo Blaze on multiple devices, including phones and tablets, using the same account.

In conclusion, Bingo Blaze offers a comprehensive and entertaining bingo experience with its wide variety of game rooms, world bingo tour, daily rewards, tournaments, challenges, and cross-platform compatibility. Players can enjoy the app's features and compete against friends and millions of other players worldwide. Downloading the app allows users to participate in various events and festivals, ensuring a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience.



  • Love the game if you could actually play without spending hundreds of dollars. Supposedly you get free tickets daily for watching videos but it's been weeks since I got that option and you have to use all your daily tickets for one round. Everyone has to make money but as far as bingo games go, this one is the worst
    2023-12-09 16:31:30
  • Great game but seems to have some bugs. It won't let me "upgrade my cards for higher rewards". It has the little scale but won't let me adjust it. Not sure if it unlocks at a certain level or what.
    2023-12-08 15:13:06
  • I love this game. The only discrepancy I have is the tutorial for the events. Like you cycle through the same events every week or so, we don't need a tutorial every time. It gets annoying and redundant.
    2023-12-07 15:11:41
  • I loved playing this app but then the other day it kept giving me an error when trying to update after troubleshooting with play store it suggested to uninstall then reinstall and after uninstalling now it won't let me reinstall it on my phone. So if someone could fix this issue it would be great thank you!
    2023-12-06 21:42:17
  • Don't have enough time at the end of the round to daub. Lost out on many daubs, and a several bingos. Which caused me to lose out on many points. It literally called out the last number, and ended the round a second after. It is very noticeable. If I do not daub the last number it will let me know I missed one, but it will not do anything other than that.
    2023-12-06 19:19:16
  • It has been months since i have been able to watch videos to earn more tickets to add to my playing amount. I used to be able to watch 10 a day and now all i get is my daily tokens and o hardly ever get gifts from "tony" anymore! Im afaraid to unistall and reinstall i dont want to lose my progress i have made if wasnt for this it would definitely be 5 star
    2023-12-06 18:07:07