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Introducing SimpleChess - chess game, the free and easy-to-use chess app that will make playing chess a breeze! With it, you can compete against opponents from all around the world and customize your chessboard with 20 different piece types and 40 chessboard designs. Choose from 10 different themes and select your gamer rating, whether it's fast, blitz, bullet, or create your own customized rating. Track your progress with your ELO ranking and improve your skills with our tactical training modules. Challenge other players to a puzzle battle and play Chess960, a variant of the game. Earn XP experience points with every game and become a member to enjoy additional features like analyzing your games with the computer, easily finding your friends, and full access to our training modules. Click here to download it now!

Features of this app:

- Free: SimpleChess is available for download and use at no cost.

- Global competition: Users can compete against opponents from all around the world, enhancing their gaming experience.

- Customizable chessboard: The app allows users to personalize their chessboard by choosing from 20 different piece types and 40 chessboard designs.

- Wide range of themes: With 10 different themes, including 5 dark and 5 light, users can customize the visual appearance of the app according to their preference.

- Flexible gamer rating: Users can select their preferred gamer rating from options like fast, blitz, bullet, or even create their own custom rating.

- Progress tracking and training: The app offers features to track progress with ELO ranking, as well as tactical training modules to improve chess skills.

In conclusion, SimpleChess - chess game is a user-friendly app that offers a range of features to enhance the chess playing experience. With its free availability, global competition, customizable options, and flexible gamer ratings, it is an attractive choice for chess enthusiasts. The additional features offered to members, such as game analysis by computer, easy friend finding, and full access to training modules, make it even more appealing. Its simplicity, practicality, and fast gameplay make it easy for users to learn and enjoy chess. Click now to download and start your chess adventure!



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