Solitaire Plus

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Solitaire Plus is the ultimate card game app that offers the classic Solitaire experience with a minimalist and relaxing twist. Ideal for Solitaire enthusiasts, this game provides the perfect environment for you to showcase your skills and climb to the top of the leaderboards. Customize your game with a wide range of themes for your cards and backgrounds. With three game styles to choose from - Standard, Vegas, and Vegas Cumulative - you can track your statistics and improve your performance. With over 400 unlockable levels, can you conquer them all? Enjoy this exceptional art style for free, with the option to remove ads for the price of a coffee. InfinityGames aims to provide the best game experience, so connect with us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated with our latest titles. Download SolitairePlus now and give your brain a workout while you relax!

Features of this app:

- Multiple themes for card decks and backgrounds: Users can customize their game with a variety of themes, making each game unique and visually appealing.

- Daily challenges: Every day, users can take on a different and unique game challenge, adding variety and excitement to their solitaire experience.

- Performance tracker with statistics: Players can track their statistics and see their progress over time, allowing them to improve their skills and compete with others on the leaderboards.

- Milestones and levels: The app offers over 400 levels to unlock, giving players a sense of achievement as they progress and strive to beat them all.

- Exceptional art style: SolitairePlus features a visually stunning art style that adds to the overall immersive experience.


Solitaire Plus is a must-have game for solitaire aficionados. With its multiple themes, daily challenges, performance tracker, milestones, and exceptional art style, it offers a fun and exciting solitaire experience. Whether you're a casual player looking to relax or a competitive player aiming to climb the leaderboards, it has something for everyone. Download the app now to enjoy hours of addictive solitaire gameplay.



  • Exactly what I wanted
    2024-06-04 21:26:22
  • good and I like the sounds.
    2024-06-04 19:03:08
  • Best Solitaire Game!
    2024-06-04 05:39:58
  • Very enjoyable Solitaire!
    2024-06-04 03:05:31
  • fun,exciting and relaxing game
    2024-06-02 08:14:22
  • Solitaire is my favorite game to play
    2024-06-02 00:28:57