29 Card Game

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Introducing the captivating and culturally rich 29 Card Game! Immerse yourself in this South Asian trick-taking game, derived from the beloved Jass games of Europe. With the Jack and Nine reigning as the supreme cards in every suit, prepare for an exciting challenge. Utilize 32 cards from a standard deck of 52 to secure your triumph. Each trick holds precious, high-value cards, including Jacks at 3 points, Nines at 2 points, Aces and Tens at 1 point each. Engage in thrilling gameplay through offline single-player mode, or connect with friends and random opponents in thrilling online multiplayer matches. Alternatively, enjoy Bluetooth multiplayer battles for an unforgettable experience. To enhance your mastery, valuable resources and a dedicated Facebook page are readily available. Gear up and embark on an unforgettable card adventure with the 29 Card Game App!

Features of 29 Card Game:

⭐️ South Asian Trick-Taking Game: This app features a popular card game from South Asia, offering users a unique and culturally immersive gaming experience.

⭐️ Classic Gameplay: The game follows the traditional rules of the 29 card game, where the Jack and the Nine are the highest ranking cards in each suit.

⭐️ Simple and Engaging: With straightforward rules and easy-to-understand gameplay, this app ensures that users of all skill levels can enjoy the game from the moment they download it.

⭐️ Offline Single Player: Play against smart AI opponents in offline mode to practice your skills and improve your strategies whenever and wherever you want.

⭐️ Online Multiplayer: Challenge your friends or compete against random opponents online, allowing you to test your skills and engage in thrilling multiplayer battles.

⭐️ Bluetooth Multiplayer: Play against nearby friends or family members by connecting via Bluetooth, creating fun and interactive gaming sessions wherever you are.


Immerse yourself in the exciting world of South Asian card games with this app. Experience the thrill of the 29 card game as you play offline against AI opponents, or challenge friends and random players online in multiplayer mode. With its easy-to-follow rules and engaging gameplay, this app is perfect for both casual and competitive players. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your card gaming skills and have endless fun. Download now and start your card game adventure!