Happy Landlord

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Step into a world of excitement with Happy Landlord the ultimate online casual board game of 2020! With the new version, you can indulge in the classic three-person fight for the landlord and even enjoy the thrill of becoming a landlord yourself. But that's not all! This game is filled with amazing features that will make your leisure time truly enjoyable. From daily delivery of massive golden beans to various ways of playing and winning rewards like lucky turntables and treasure boxes, It ensures you never have a dull moment. Engage in network battles, challenge friends and family, and experience fair competition with top anti-cheating technology. Join Happy Landlord now and embark on an adventure of endless fun!

Features of Happy Landlord:

> A lot of rewards: The app offers daily rewards in the form of golden beans, lucky turntables, and treasure boxes. You can accumulate a large number of golden beans without spending any money, ensuring that your gameplay can go on for a long time without the need for recharging.

> Various ways to play: The game offers different modes such as the classic three-person battle against the landlord, the bomb field, the pass field, and the leap field. This variety keeps the gameplay interesting and enjoyable, providing a leisurely and joyous experience.

> Exciting gameplay: Players can choose to look at the cards first, giving them an advantage in grabbing the landlord's position and the bright cards. This added twist doubles the excitement and challenges players to make strategic decisions for a thrilling gaming experience.

> Network Battle: The app provides excellent network optimization, allowing for real-person networking player versus player battles. This feature enhances the competitive element of the game by allowing players to test their skills against others online.

> Strict prevention against cheating: The app utilizes advanced anti-cheating technology to ensure a fair and competitive gaming environment. Automated table allocation ensures that winning or losing is solely based on skill level, promoting fair competition among players.

> Quick and accessible gameplay: The game can be completed in just 2 minutes, allowing you to start playing anytime and potentially win rewards quickly. This fast-paced gameplay makes it easy to fit gaming sessions into your leisure time, ensuring an enjoyable and efficient experience.


Happy Landlord is a professional casual board game that offers a unique and exciting gaming experience. With its generous rewards, various gameplay modes, online battles, and stringent anti-cheating measures, the app provides an enjoyable and fair environment for both casual and competitive gamers. Additionally, the quick and accessible gameplay makes it a perfect choice for anyone looking to have fun during their leisure time. Start your journey in Happy Landlord and download the app now to enjoy all these amazing features!