Fabulous Triple Yatzy

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Introducing Fabulous Triple Yatzy. Say goodbye to squinting at your tiny phone screen trying to keep track of your scores - our unique magnify feature allows you to easily record your scores directly on the scorepad. Made a mistake? No worries, just hit "Undo" and try again. The goal of the game is simple - roll five dice and aim to achieve the highest score by making various combinations. With thirteen possible scoring combinations per game, you'll have endless fun strategizing and planning your moves. Best of all, this game requires no WiFi, GPS, or personal information, so you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere. Are you ready to experience the excitement of Triple Yahtzee? Let the dice roll!

Features of Fabulous Triple Yatzy:

* Designed for any Android phone or tablet, and Kindles too: This app is compatible with a wide range of devices, ensuring that you can enjoy the game no matter what Android device you have.

* Unique magnify feature: The app provides a magnify feature that allows you to easily record your scores on the scorepad, even on smaller phone screens. Say goodbye to squinting or accidental miscounts!

* Undo function: Made a mistake while recording your scores? No problem! The app allows you to undo your moves and try again, giving you the opportunity to improve your strategy and keep a precise score.

* Exciting gameplay: The objective of the game is to score the most points by rolling five dice to form different combinations. With thirteen possible scoring combinations per game, you'll have plenty of opportunities to strategize and aim for high scores.

* Three games in one: Triple Yahtzee combines the fun of Yahtzee into three separate games. Each game consists of thirteen rounds and offers a fresh challenge. Can you conquer them all?

* Offline play and privacy: Unlike many other apps, this game doesn't require an internet connection or access to your personal information. Enjoy the game wherever you are, without worrying about your privacy.


Fabulous Triple Yatzy this app offers a fun and convenient way to enjoy Triple Yahtzee on any Android device or Kindle. The unique magnify feature and undo function make it easy to keep track of your scores accurately, even on smaller screens. With exciting gameplay and three games in one, you won't get bored easily. Plus, you can enjoy offline play without worrying about your privacy. Don't miss out on the chance to download and experience the thrill of Triple Yahtzee!