NFL 2K Playmakers
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NFL 2K Playmakers is the ultimate app for football fanatics. With hundreds of cards to collect, you can create the strongest rosters for offense, defense, and special teams. Level up your collection and add equipment to enhance your cards' performance. Build your Playbook by collecting play cards that will give you the winning advantage. Engage in thrilling battles against NFL fans from around the world, putting your roster to the test. Compete in real-world, data-driven game modes using real NFL stats to score points and prove your skills. With regular updates and a fanatical dedication to football, NFL 2K Playmakers offers an immersive and competitive experience that any football enthusiast will love.

Features of NFL 2K Playmakers:

* Card Collection: NFL 2K Playmakers offers a wide range of cards to collect. Assemble a powerful roster by acquiring NFL players for offense, defense, and special teams.

* Level Up and Enhance: Improve your collection by playing the game and leveling up your cards. Equip them with special equipment to boost their performance and take them to the next level.

* Playbook Expansion: Expand your playbook by collecting play cards. These cards provide you with the perfect play to call for victory, giving you an edge over your opponents.

* Global Battle: Test your roster against other players from all around the world. Engage in Red Zone Drive and call plays against NFL fans worldwide. Compete in seasons to earn a chance to reach the Super Bowl and establish your dominance.

* Real-World Simulation: Become a true playmaker by combining your player cards with your football passion. Participate in a data-driven game mode where your cards' performance is based on real NFL results. Measure your choices against other players and earn bragging rights.

* Real NFL Stats: NFL 2K Playmakers is powered by NGS Data, using real NFL stats from actual NFL plays. Experience a game that is as dedicated to football as you are.


NFL 2K Playmakers offers a thrilling and immersive experience for football enthusiasts. With its extensive card collection, leveling system, and playbook expansion, the app provides a unique and exciting gameplay. Engage in global battles, showcase your skills, and compete for the chance to reach the Super Bowl. The integration of real NFL stats ensures an authentic and fanatical football experience. Stay updated with tons of new cards, plays, players, and content. Don't miss out on this ultimate football gaming experience - download NFL 2K Playmakers now!



  • I would not Recommend this game for nobody. It does not let you play your players at all. It has a computer. Run your plays for you and you lose a lot because of it .
    2024-05-13 04:24:52
  • Good game, only reason it's a 3 is its mostly luck based, I wish they would add a skill based mode
    2024-05-13 04:11:44
  • This game needs a silver only mode for all the players I have that are useless otherwise. Can't even sell them or use them to upgrade.
    2024-05-11 06:58:24
  • The game is fun, but need to fix the percentage! Needs more ways to play, overall is fun! Hope u guys update really fast
    2024-05-10 16:16:17
  • Horrible card collecting, non controlling the player game. Guess no one can make a good football in this day in age...
    2024-05-10 14:27:31
  • It's okay I'm definitely more hands on i like calling my own plays and everything that football is supposed to be
    2024-05-09 15:58:41