Solitaire Epic

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Introducing Solitaire Epic, the ultimate Solitaire card game app! This premium quality game brings you the best Solitaire experience, with a focus on simplicity, cleanliness, and easy gameplay. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, you'll enjoy the classic Solitaire, also known as Patience or Klondike, which is the most popular card game in the world. With many options like Draw1, Draw3, undo, and hint, you'll have complete control over your game. Enjoy high-quality card sets and backgrounds, daily and monthly challenges, and the option to play in portrait or landscape mode. With clear HD graphics and exciting features like cumulative Vegas scoring, where you challenge the house over multiple games, Solitaire Epic is the go-to app for all Solitaire lovers. Download now and enjoy endless hours of fun!

Features of the app:

- Multiple options: The app offers various options such as Draw- Draw- undo, and hint, allowing users to customize their gameplay experience.

- Regular and guaranteed winnable games: Users can choose to play regular games or opt for guaranteed winnable games, adding variety and challenge to their gameplay.

- High-quality visuals: The app provides high-quality card sets and backgrounds, enhancing the visual experience for users.

- Daily and monthly challenges: Users can participate in new challenges on a daily and monthly basis, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging.

- Scoring options: The app offers both standard scoring and Vegas scoring, allowing users to choose their preferred scoring system.

- Responsive gameplay: The app provides a simple and responsive gameplay experience, ensuring that users can easily play and enjoy the game without any technical difficulties.


Solitaire Epic is a premium quality solitaire card game that focuses on simplicity and delivering the best solitaire experience. With its various gameplay options, high-quality graphics, and regular challenges, the app offers a captivating and enjoyable gameplay experience for users. Whether you're a solitaire enthusiast or a casual player, Solitaire Epic is a great choice to relax and have fun.



  • Good game not a lot of ads
    2024-04-02 00:17:13
  • fun way to pass the time while waiting for almost anything
    2024-04-01 18:48:05
  • Wish I could purchase so I don't have all the ads.
    2024-04-01 07:37:10
  • Fun exciting game. Short ads tolerable
    2024-03-31 21:19:01
  • Pretty nice game...Solitaire Epic is one of the best old school games I've ever played.
    2024-03-30 07:02:43
  • One of my everyday challenges.
    2024-03-29 16:47:10