NeonMob - Card Collecting Game

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NeonMob, the ultimate destination for collectors and art enthusiasts, invites you to embark on an electrifying journey into the world of limited-edition trading cards. With a vast and ever-expanding community, this app welcomes artists from all corners of the globe to create stunning, one-of-a-kind series that will leave you breathless. Immerse yourself in the thrill of opening random packs, uncovering hidden gems, and connecting with fellow collectors through exhilarating trades. Delight in the daily dose of anticipation as free packs fill your collection, or expedite your quest by immersing yourself in the meticulously curated packs available for purchase. Start your collection today and unlock a universe of artistic wonders!

Features of NeonMob - Card Collecting Game:

❤️ Wide range of original trading card series: The app offers a diverse collection of original, limited-edition trading card series created by artists from around the world. This ensures an extensive selection to cater to every collector's taste.

❤️ Free to use for everyone: NeonMob allows users to create an account and access its features without any charges. This inclusive pricing strategy makes it accessible to a broader audience.

❤️ Community of passionate collectors: Join a large and rapidly growing community of collectors who share the same passion for trading cards. Connect with fellow collectors, explore their collections, and trade cards to enhance your own.

❤️ Daily free packs: Collectors receive free packs of cards on a daily basis, offering a chance to expand their collections and discover exciting new cards. This feature ensures a constant engagement and excitement within the app.

❤️ Trade cards with other collectors: Engage in trading with other collectors to enhance your collection. Discover rare cards or exchange duplicates to complete your sets and unlock special achievements.

❤️ In-app purchases for faster collection growth: For those eager to expand their collections at a faster pace, NeonMob provides an option to purchase additional packs. This enables collectors to acquire unique cards and build their collections more quickly.

In conclusion, NeonMob is an inviting and engaging app that offers a wide array of original trading card series for free. With its passionate community, daily free packs, and options for trading and purchasing, the app provides an exciting experience for collectors of all types. Whether you are a casual collector or an avid enthusiast, NeonMob has something to offer to enhance your trading card experience. Click now to download the app and embark on a thrilling journey into the world of trading cards.



  • Keeps telling me that my email is invalid and won't let me log in on the app
    2024-02-27 00:48:11
  • I had an account with a lot of stuff, but I got rid of it, and now, no matter what I do, I can not log back in
    2024-02-25 23:41:27
  • Péssimo.... tanto site quanto o app... senha de login nunca funciona para entrar (mesmo estando tudo certo). Preciso resetar umas 4 vezes antes de conseguir entrar. As % de cartas são claramente roubadas para te forçar a por $$$ e comprar os pacotes exclusivos... não foi nem um nem duas vezes que eu precisava de uma carta para finalizar e ela vinha magicamente só quando eu usava as poucas moedas do jogo que eu tinha (que graças a Deus nunca precisei comprar com $).
    2024-02-25 19:54:34
  • This is really useful for opening packs on the go, and initiating trades. I do wish it had the trade chatting feature.
    2024-02-24 21:31:25
  • I actually like the game so far but because of a bug I sadly can pay for pro
    2024-02-24 02:15:23
  • I couldn't log in. I created an account and it kept saying my password and email were invalid even though i got an email saying my account was confirmed and verified.
    2024-02-24 01:04:48