Jawaker Hand, Trix & Solitaire

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Discover Jawaker Hand, Trix & Solitaire, the ultimate app for entertainment and social interaction through popular card and board games. With over 45 exciting games to choose from, engaging in interactive chats and expressing yourself with unique emotes has never been easier. Jawaker offers a diverse collection of games like Tarneeb, Trix, Solitaire, Concan, Basra, Jackaroo, Kout Bo, Saudi Deal, Dominoes, Ludo, Chess, and even a Classic Snakes & Ladders with a twist! Enjoy features that enhance your gameplay experience - play with real people, engage in live voice chats, challenge top-ranked players, participate in weekly events, chat with friends, and receive support from a responsive team. Socialize, strategize, and have endless fun on Jawaker!

Features of Jawaker Hand, Trix & Solitaire:

❤️ Over 45 popular card and board games: Jawaker offers a diverse collection of 45+ games, including popular titles like Tarneeb, Trix, Solitaire, Baloot, and more. Users can enjoy a wide variety of entertainment options in one app.

❤️ Interactive chats and unique emotes: Users can engage in interactive chats with other players while playing games, enhancing the social aspect of the app. Additionally, Jawaker provides unique emotes that allow users to express themselves during gameplay.

❤️ Real players and live voice chat: Jawaker ensures that players can always find real opponents to play against, creating a more authentic gaming experience. The app also offers live voice chat functionality, allowing users to communicate with their opponents using their microphone.

❤️ Challenges against top-ranked players: Users can test their skills by participating in challenges against the top-ranked players globally. This feature adds competition and excitement to the gaming experience, motivating users to improve their gameplay.

❤️ Weekly events and socializing: Jawaker organizes weekly events, providing users with new and exciting opportunities to engage with the app and win rewards. Additionally, the app allows users to socialize with other players and chat with friends, fostering a sense of community within the gaming environment.

❤️ Responsive 24/7 support team and gifting options: Jawaker offers a responsive support team available 24/7, ensuring users receive timely assistance with any technical or gameplay-related issues. Moreover, users can send gifts to their friends, adding a personal touch to the social interactions within the app.


With Jawaker, users can enjoy a diverse range of 45+ card and board games, interact with other players through chat and emotes, and challenge themselves against top-ranked opponents. The app's live voice chat, weekly events, and socializing features further enhance the overall gaming experience. With a responsive support team available 24/7 and the option to send gifts to friends, Jawaker provides a comprehensive and engaging platform for both entertainment and social interaction. Click now to download the app and start experiencing ultimate entertainment!



  • UI is ok. However, game play is bad. cards do not appear to be random or the algo is bad. the bots are utterly useless. the chat system is a disaster. if you leave a "no leaving" game you get penalized even if the game is empty and it hasn't started yet!!! It is virtually impossible to play with a friend in a public game since last one to join will not find an empty seat. you cannot report players for improper behaviour. I find this game irritating a not relaxing. uninstalling...
    2024-02-12 01:34:01
  • Very slow players, disrespectful by leaving the matches. getting angry every time I play this game.. I decided to just delete it.
    2024-02-11 13:08:27
  • Very bad secure, i lost my tokens in my account salbeh1045 , it was hacked my account
    2024-02-11 00:38:35
  • Don't download this App. Don't waste your time and money. This App is rigged. The programming system is designed to make you 'keep-on losing'. The more you purchase the more you Will lose by coincidentally
    2024-02-09 20:55:06
  • This app used to be great , But since you have added the ads it's just making me angry . I have to watch an ad everytime i leave a game !? Most of the players are AFK , and you have to leave a couple of games to find another 3 active players , but i have to watch an ad ! I've played many games , but i have never faced such amount of ads . If this will continue i will probably uninstall the game .
    2024-02-09 12:17:46
  • Good app i lose some times but i want you to add an notification that is from Jawaker family that its christmas i want the notification to say merry Christmas i will rate it 5 star if you add the notification
    2024-02-09 07:49:45