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Improve your chess skills and challenge yourself with Chess Dojo! Play against human-like chess personalities that adapt to your playing strength, no internet connection required. With over 30 different personalities, each with their own opening book, you'll never get bored. Takeback support allows you to undo moves and try again, while Chess960 support lets you play with random starting positions. After the game, review your moves with automatic blunder check and share them with other chess apps for analysis. Plus, you can even play offline with E-Boards connected via Bluetooth. Take your chess game to the next level with Chess Dojo!

Features of Chess Dojo:

❤️ Improve your chess proficiency by playing against human-like chess personalities: Chess Dojo offers the opportunity to play against over 30 different human-like chess personalities, each with their own opening book. This allows users to practice and refine their skills against various playing styles.

❤️ Adaptive strength: The app adapts to your playing strength automatically. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, the app adjusts its difficulty level to provide a challenging yet suitable game.

❤️ Offline play: Unlike many other chess apps, this app does not require an internet connection to play. This allows users to enjoy a game of chess anytime, anywhere without the need for a stable internet connection.

❤️ Game review and sharing: After finishing a game, the app provides the option to review the match, allowing users to analyze their moves and learn from their mistakes. The app also supports sharing games with other chess apps such as PGN Master for further analysis and discussion.

❤️ Takeback support: If you make a mistake during a game, this app allows you to withdraw your move and play another one. This feature helps users to rectify their errors and make better decisions in the game.

❤️ Chess960 support: It offers the opportunity to play Chess960 also known as Fischer random chess. With 960 starting positions, this variant adds a unique and exciting element to the game, providing users with a fresh and challenging experience.

In conclusion, Chess Dojo is an essential app for chess enthusiasts of all levels. Its wide range of features, including the ability to play against human-like chess personalities, adaptivity to individual playing strengths, offline play capability, game review and sharing options, takeback support, and Chess960 variant support, make it a comprehensive and engaging tool for improving chess skills. Take your chess game to the next level by downloading Chess Dojo now!