Fishing Goal

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Fishing Goal is a popular arcade fishing game that combines green and healthy gameplay with exciting features like Nautical treasure hunt, Golden Fishery, and Labyrinth miners. With over 2024 casual arcade fishing games, you can play and win big prizes. The app focuses on arcade gameplay, offering super arcade experiences like big three yuan, big four hi, Fortuna, and Wukong. It also adapts to localization with multiple language versions. With no level limits and easy gameplay, you can fully enjoy the game and win gold coins. With stunning visuals, live dubbing, and exciting competitions, Fishing Goal brings the thrill of the street game room to your mobile device. Download now and join the fun!

Features of Fishing Goal:

- Endless Fun: This game offers a 2024 Casual Arcade Fishing Game experience that will keep you entertained for hours. Play the game and stand a chance to win big prizes.

- Exciting Arcade Gameplay: With a focus on arcade-style gaming, Fishing Goal brings you thrilling gameplay options like big three yuan, big four hi, Fortuna, Wukong, and more. Experience the excitement of these super arcade games.

- Localization Options: The game caters to players from different regions by offering Chinese simplified language, traditional Chinese, Indonesian, Malaysian, and other multi-language versions. Enjoy the game in your preferred language.

- Unlimited Firepower: Unlike other fishing games, the game allows you to fully unleash the firepower of your cannon without any level restrictions. It's easy and simple to win gold coins and progress in the game.

- Simple and Exquisite Design: The game's design is focused on simplicity, with gold coins being the only game currency. Enjoy a clean and clutter-free gaming experience.

- Innovative Game Modules: Fishing Goal offers nineteen original game modules that bring innovation and excitement to the gameplay. Discover new challenges and power up your gaming experience.


Fishing Goal is the ultimate arcade fishing game that guarantees endless fun and excitement. With its wide range of arcade gameplay options, localization features, and unlimited firepower, this game is perfect for players of all skill levels. The simple and exquisite design, along with the innovative game modules, ensures a captivating gaming experience. Join Fishing Goal today and immerse yourself in the world of arcade fishing. Download now and start reeling in those big prizes!