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Play poker anytime, anywhere with the ultimate Poker app! Poker Offline offers a variety of exciting game modes like Texas Hold'em, Sit-N-Go, Poker-Match-3, Blackjack, and more. Compete in tournaments, place bets, and test your skills against players from around the world. With features like free chips every 15 minutes, daily chip bonuses, and extensive poker statistics, you'll have everything you need to win big. Plus, enjoy VIP membership perks and connect with friends through Facebook. Download now and experience the thrill of the Vegas casino in the palm of your hand!

Features of Poker Offline:

* Variety of Poker Games: The app offers a wide range of poker games including Texas Holdem, Sit-N-Go, Poker-Match* blackjack, and spin-wheel. Players can enjoy different variations and never get bored.

* Free Chips and Bonuses: Users can benefit from free chips every 15 minutes and daily chip bonuses, allowing them to play more without spending real money. This feature helps to boost their chips and enhance their gameplay.

* Tournaments and Trophies: The app provides multi-level Sit-N-Go tournaments where players can compete with the best poker players from around the world. By participating in these tournaments, users can win trophies and showcase their skills.

* Offline and Online Play: Players have the flexibility to play offline against computer/bots without an internet connection or play online with friends and players from all over the world. This feature ensures that users can enjoy the game anytime, anywhere.

* Game Modes and Statistics: The app offers various game modes such as No Limit Hold'em, Sit-N-Go, Poker-Match* blackjack, and a lucky wheel. Users can also track and improve their gameplay using extensive poker statistics.

* VIP Membership and Social Connect: Players can enjoy VIP membership benefits and special perks. Additionally, the app allows users to connect with their Facebook account, play with friends, and share their achievements.


Poker Offline is an immersive and diverse app that brings the excitement of poker to your fingertips. With its wide range of poker games, free chips and bonuses, tournaments, and offline/online play options, players can have an authentic poker experience anytime and anywhere. The app also offers various game modes, extensive poker statistics, VIP membership benefits, and social connectivity. Download the app now to test your poker skills, compete with top players, and enjoy the thrill of the game.



  • nice lay out clear graphics and all and all loves this game recommended for any age group keep up the good work thank you
    2024-02-03 09:50:54
  • Fun to play for a while. Then you realize all people are doing is calling everything pre-flop, then they hope to get lucky. Gets irritating fast. Ok for passing the time, definitely not if you want to learn to play right. Everything is call, check, then a big bet at the end if someone flopped something.
    2024-02-02 23:48:01
  • good game but sometimes your money will become zero from millions and you dont no what happens and you need to start all over again
    2024-02-02 18:41:05
  • Really like this poker game. Specially the offline mode.
    2024-02-01 12:32:43
  • very entertaining but somtimes makes you are sure win but you lost in the last card..
    2024-02-01 11:36:28
  • Fun to play, enjoy the games and options.
    2024-02-01 01:20:10