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Tien Len - 13 Cards Game Vietnam is a popular offline card game loved by Vietnamese people. With different gameplay variations depending on the region, this game is simple to learn but requires strategic thinking. Play with 4 players and 13 cards, anytime and anywhere, without the need for internet connection. Challenge yourself against smart virtual opponents, improving your gambling skills while providing moments of relaxation and stress relief. The game is completely free and does not involve real money transactions. Experience the best of Tien Len by downloading now!

Features of Tien Len:

❤️ Multiple regional variations: The game offers different ways of playing based on different regions of Vietnam, such as the South, the North, and the Central. This adds variety and allows players to explore different strategies.

❤️ Simple gameplay with strategic depth: The game is easy to understand, but it requires players to think and strategize in order to win. This provides an engaging and challenging card playing experience.

❤️ Offline gameplay: The app can be played offline without the need for an internet connection or Wi-Fi. Users can enjoy the game anytime and anywhere, without worrying about losing progress or having to recharge.

❤️ Compete against virtual opponents: The app features smartly built virtual opponents that provide a challenging and competitive experience. This ensures that the game remains exciting and entertaining, without becoming boring.

❤️ Enhances logical thinking and judgment: The game requires thinking and tactical decision-making, making it suitable for training logical thinking and sharpening judgment skills. It provides a break and stress relief after a long day of work or study.

❤️ Free and user-friendly: The app is completely free to download and play, with no deposit or registration required. The interface is designed professionally and beautifully, providing an immersive casino-like experience.


Enjoy playing the popular Vietnamese card game, Tien Len, on your device! This app offers multiple regional variations, easy-to-grasp gameplay with strategic depth, and the ability to play offline. Compete against smart virtual opponents and enhance your logical thinking and judgment skills while relieving stress. The app is completely free, user-friendly, and does not involve real money transactions. Download and experience the exciting world of Tien Len!



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