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Experience the excitement of the casino with Roulette Royale, the best-designed roulette wheel app. Play single-player or online multiplayer games with millions of players from around the world. It's FREE to play and you'll receive immediate bonus chips. Please note that this is a simulation and not a real money game. With Roulette Royale, you can enjoy offline European and American roulette, switch between single zero and double zero tables, and place French bets. Join live multiplayer tables, track personal session statistics, and shop for virtual items. With HD graphics and easy-to-read tables, you'll feel like you're in Las Vegas. Try different strategies and see if you can beat the odds. Download now and start spinning the wheel!

Features of the App:

- Offline European and American Roulette simulator: This app allows you to play both European and American roulette, and you can easily switch between the two options in the settings. You can also place French bets on the European table, giving you a more authentic casino experience.

- Live Multiplayer Tables and Tournament Challenges: Join millions of roulette players from around the world in live multiplayer tables and compete in tournament challenges. This adds an exciting social element to the game and allows you to test your skills against players of varying levels.

- Comprehensive Statistics: Keep track of your gameplay with the ability to observe the last nine numbers and view full number statistics across games. This feature helps you analyze your performance and make informed betting decisions.

- Personal Session Statistics: Track your personal session statistics to see how you're progressing over time. This allows you to monitor your improvement and adjust your strategies accordingly.

- Virtual Items Shop: Use the in-app shop to buy virtual items, enhancing your gameplay experience. These items can add a personalized touch to your virtual casino and make it more enjoyable.

- Leaderboard and Rankings: Compare your performance with friends and view worldwide and country-wise rankings of virtual money and items. This feature adds a competitive aspect to the game and motivates you to improve your skills.


Roulette Royale is the ultimate roulette app that offers a realistic and immersive casino experience. With its offline European and American roulette simulator, live multiplayer tables, and tournament challenges, you can enjoy the thrill of playing with millions of players from around the world. The comprehensive statistics and personal session tracking features help you analyze your gameplay and improve your strategies. Additionally, the virtual items shop allows you to customize your virtual casino, while the leaderboard and rankings add a competitive element. With its HD graphics and easy-to-use interface, Roulette Royale is a must-have for anyone looking to experience the excitement of Las Vegas. Download now and spin the wheel to test your luck and skills!



  • Great Roulette app. I've downloaded many individual apps and full casinos. This roulette wheel seems to be truly random and NOT designed to play against you. App provides stats and percentages and gives bonus chips as you level up. You can spin quickly. There's a pop up ad about every 10 mins that you can immediately X out of. Ads are way more reasonable than a lot of apps. I haven't bought chips but the prices are better than other apps by a lot. Great job all around
    2024-02-02 23:28:17
  • I enjoy playing this game but I can say with 100% this game is NOT random! When playing "Martingale Strategy" & betting on the outside colors this game will often cause a color to hit 10 times in a row (or more), causing u to lose your entire bankroll. This NEVER happens when ur using inside #'s or betting small amounts! How is this possible if the game was truly random? Read the other comments on here. Once I lost a TRILLION dollars when red hit 15 X in a row! U can't say that's random!
    2024-02-02 14:53:51
  • Think this is 4 th phone I have had this app on. Worst part I was 2nd in Australia. Now start from scratch and build up again. However love it. Realistic RNG for numbers. (Random number generator.) Love virtual items in shop. Over all could not think of many improvements. Only 1 Have 10 and 100 billion chips. 2 Have it so adds don't block bonus chips on level up. I miss more than I get. Please keep up good work. The Man With No Chips is coming.
    2024-02-02 01:07:34
  • I have a question to developers. Do you understand the statistics working behind the code of this app? Is it random numbers generator or rigged? It resembles to machines in the clubs. I think this and those machines are rigged. I lose 8 continuous bets on odd even or black reds so often but never won 8 in a row. So im of the beleif that these are rigged. How come if I keep putting money one odd i keep losing for 8 times but I never win more than 3 times successively if i keep putting on same pattern (odd even or black red). Hence i think these are designed to grab money. Is it True?
    2024-01-31 12:31:27
  • Great casino experience. Smoothest casino app on the store. The interface is very well designed . It shows all the necessary info and it is clearly visible. World tables are good but I like the tournament idea. Tournaments are quick and fun . I just sneak in a tournmanent into my schedule whenever i get free for about 10 minutes. Good filler.
    2024-01-31 09:20:30
  • Update: 0,00,22,24 are my 4 zonks. First two rolls were 0 and 00. Absolutely not random!!!! I have to agree with other reviews. Only 4 possible numbers to lose. Hit one of those for numbers twice in first 4 rolls, and two more times in next 6 rolls. So it RANDOMLY hit my 4 zonks 40%. Possible, yes. Likely, pretty sure not. Will try again to see if it holds True. Fun to play, but pretty wonky percentages.
    2024-01-31 03:44:44