Ancient Spinner

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Embark on a thrilling treasure hunt in ancient ruins with our app, Ancient Spinner! Collect treasures and use them to create your very own extravagant museum before anyone else. Compete with other players, launch surprise attacks, and play together in this exciting adventure. Spin the magical cube in the Ancient Ruins to earn treasures and aim for the jackpot. Customize your museum with the treasures you earn and unlock more exhibits. Attack rival museums to earn coins and defend your own with a shield. Participate in events to get useful items and progress faster than anyone else. Download Ancient Spinner now and see how much treasure you can collect and how many exhibits you can add!

Features of this App:

- Treasure Hunt in Ancient Ruins: Embark on an exciting adventure to explore ancient ruins and discover hidden treasures.

- Build Your Own Museum: Use the treasures you find to create a unique and extravagant museum that showcases your collection.

- Spin the Magical Cube: Earn treasures by spinning the Ancient Ruins' magical cube. Bet big and aim for a jackpot to rack up even more treasures.

- Customize Your Museum: Tailor-make your museum with the treasures you earn. The more treasures you spend, the more exhibits you can add to impress visitors.

- Attack Rival Museums: Compete with other players by launching surprise attacks on their museums. Collect coins and gain an advantage over your rivals.

- Exciting Events and Rewards: Participate in special events to earn useful items that will help you progress faster. Spin the magic cube to gain an edge over other players.


Step into an exhilarating treasure hunt in ancient ruins and build your dream museum in this captivating app. Spin the magical cube to earn treasures, customize your museum with unique exhibits, and compete with other players by attacking their museums. Participate in exciting events to earn rewards and progress faster. How much treasure can you collect? How many more exhibits will you be able to add? Download now and start your adventure!



  • Great
    2024-02-02 22:03:08
  • Boring
    2024-02-01 07:49:19
  • Very nice
    2024-02-01 00:18:13
  • Tuesday tessa Angel
    2024-01-30 16:24:30
  • I can't get it past stage 3 !! Can you please fix it
    2024-01-30 11:46:51
  • Strange game, you get free 50 spins in 25 minutes?? Don't know if it pays out? Uninstalled
    2024-01-30 05:00:05