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Klinsmann Hengles, Rodbot, brunoastephan, osauloalencar, Andregnl
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Introducing Rogue Fungi, a captivating roguelike deckbuilder card game set in a mystical forest tainted by mushrooms. Unleash your creativity by crafting powerful cards with your enchanted book, while battling against infected creatures. Unravel the mystery behind the curse and discover the mastermind behind it all. Simply click and drag cards to strategically defeat enemies, and even change their positions for a tactical advantage. Join forces with André Gustavo Nakagomi Lopez, Bianca Suemi, Bruno Amá Stephan, Klinsmann Silva Hengles Cordeiro, Luiz Sales, Rodrigo Volpe Battistin, and Saulo Alencar to experience this enchanting adventure. Download the .apk file on your smartphone and embark on this thrilling journey today!

Features of the App:

- Roguelike Deckbuilder Card Game: Immerse yourself in a thrilling adventure in a magical forest corrupted by mushrooms. Experience the unique gameplay of a roguelike deckbuilder card game.

- Enchanted Book: Unleash your creativity and create powerful cards using your enchanted book. Customize your deck and strategize your moves to overcome challenges.

- Survival Against Infected Beings: Face the relentless attack of infected creatures and use your cards strategically to survive. Test your skills and adapt to unpredictable situations in the forest.

- Uncover the Curse: Embark on a quest to discover the truth behind the curse that has befallen the forest. Unravel the mystery and unveil the mastermind behind the corruption.

- Intuitive Card Controls: Easily interact with the game by simply clicking and dragging cards to unleash their powers on enemies. Experiment with different card combinations and tactics to gain the upper hand.

- Engaging Soundtrack and Effects: Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Rogue Fungi with a captivating soundtrack and immersive sound effects. Let the music guide you through your journey.


Embark on an epic adventure in Rogue Fungi, a roguelike deckbuilder card game set in a magical forest corrupted by mushrooms. Unleash your creativity with the enchanted book, survive the relentless attacks of infected beings, and uncover the truth behind the curse. With intuitive card controls, engaging gameplay, and captivating sound effects, Rogue Fungi offers a unique and immersive gaming experience. Download the .apk file on your smartphone and step into the enchanted forest today.