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Welcome to Mob Control Mod the Ultimate Tower Defense Clash! Get ready to unleash your inner commander and dominate the world of tower defense battles. With an epic crossover event featuring iconic Transformers characters like Bumblebee and Optimus Prime, our latest update is set to revolutionize your game experience. Experience the strangely satisfying thrill of watching your mob grow as you strategically aim and shoot at the gates. Earn Championship Stars, climb the Champions League, and become an immortal player in the tower defense realm. Fortify your base, collect and upgrade cards, and challenge rivals in diverse game modes. With a constant stream of fresh content and the option to play ad-free, Mob Control Mod offers a premium experience. Join the evolution and help shape the future of tower defense gaming!

Features of Mob Control Mod:

Transformers Integration: Dive into the Transformers Universe with brand-new story mode featuring Bumblebee and more legendary characters like Optimus Prime.

Oddly Satisfying Gameplay: Experience the strangely satisfying thrill of watching your mob multiply and grow as you aim and shoot at the gates.

Immortal Player: Earn Championship Stars to rise through the ranks, climb the prestigious Champions League, and become an immortal player in the world of tower defense battles.

Fortify Your Base: Secure your base from enemy raids, win battles, and earn valuable shields to protect your resources and maintain your tower defense dominance.

Unlock and Upgrade Cards: Win battles to unlock booster packs and collectible cards, which hold the power to enhance your tower defense strategy and unlock amazing evolutions for your arsenal.

Diverse Game Modes: Engage in thrilling game modes like Base Invasion, Revenge and Counter-Attack, and Boss Levels to challenge and conquer different adversaries.


Experience the ultimate tower defense clash in Mob Control Mod and unleash your inner commander. With its Transformers integration, oddly satisfying gameplay, and a wide array of features like fortifying your base, unlocking and upgrading cards, and diverse game modes, Mob Control offers an unparalleled strategy and action-packed experience. Rise through the ranks, become an immortal player, and enjoy ever-evolving content with the monthly Season Pass. Download Mob Control now for a premium and ad-free tower defense action. Your satisfaction and privacy are our top priorities, so connect with us in-game for any assistance or questions. Join the evolution of Mob Control Mod today!



  • Worked fine when I first installed it earlier this month. Now it works sometimes and sometimes doesn't. Specifically, the software used to power the ads is unstable. When it's time to view an ad (frankly there are way too many) about 30% of the time it will leave you on a black screen before or after the ad and you're forced to close the app and reopen and whatever you just earned is lost. Pretty frustrating. Using Galaxy S21 Ultra.
    2024-07-18 09:43:41
  • This game was fine to start with. It was a 'turn your brain off and pass time" kind of game, and it worked well. As of the most recent update, the game is utterly broken, to include numerous never-ending ads and unwinnable matchups. Since the most recent update, my phone requires multiple restarts per day while playing. Sad that a fun game was ruined.
    2024-07-18 03:04:58
  • The game is awesome and I truly enjoy it. At first they sweeten the game with almost no ads and you can even play it offline, but at some point, you have to obligatorily watch an ad even if you skip it (also, some ads won't even show the X to close them) and you don't want any bonuses and it is not possible to play offline. I got over it and kept playing the game, but then I noticed that the battery was draining so much, that's weird for such a simple game, I had to uninstall it
    2024-07-17 23:00:59
  • There is still an issue with ads freezing usually right after you watch it, and when the screen should come up to press the x and collect reward, you get a blank screen instead. The only option is to close the app, losing all progress and reward. Kinda makes you feel cheated as you watched the whole ad only to not get what was promised. The game play is fun though.
    2024-07-17 16:14:38
  • Great idea for a game, and it started out well - for about 3 weeks. Because of the ridiculous amounts of ads (and I think also because of an update), it locks up. Can't even play one single round, but that doesn't matter - when one decides to decline extra points for watching a video, it goes to a video ad ANYWAY.
    2024-07-17 00:08:47
  • Such an incredible bait and switch. First week... ads only when you want to boost your end of round bonus. Then, after you get used to the game and really enjoy it... BAM. Ads everywhere. At the bottom of the screen when you're playing and after every round regardless of your choice. It's just despicable.
    2024-07-15 02:23:11