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Introducing Quiz Sengklek, the app that takes guessing games to a whole new level! Similar to the classic game Parampaa, this app requires you to think outside the box and stretch your brain to its limits in order to answer the challenging quizzes. Are you a fan of riddles and brain teasers? Tired of guessing games revolving around pictures, songs, or logos? Then you need to download Quiz Sengklek right now! Created in collaboration between Sengklekman and Komuk Santuy, this app promises to test your wit like never before. Don't forget to also check out our amazing animations on YouTube!

Features of Quiz Sengklek:

⭐ Unique and Challenging Quizzes: Quiz Sengklek offers a refreshing twist to traditional guessing games. It requires players to think outside the box and come up with creative and unconventional answers to the quizzes.

⭐ Varied Quiz Categories: Unlike other guessing games that focus on a specific theme, Quiz Sengklek offers a wide range of quiz categories to keep players entertained. Whether you're a movie buff, a history enthusiast, or a science geek, there's a quiz category for everyone.

⭐ Engaging Gameplay: Quiz Sengklek provides a fun and interactive gaming experience. With its user-friendly interface, players can easily navigate through the quizzes and submit their answers. The game also features captivating visuals and sound effects to enhance the overall gameplay.

⭐ Competitive Leaderboards: Test your knowledge and compete against other players worldwide. Quiz Sengklek allows you to track your progress and compare your scores with friends and other players. Aim for the top of the leaderboards and prove your quiz-solving skills.

Tips for Users:

⭐ Think Creatively: Don't limit yourself to traditional answers. Use your imagination and think outside the box when answering the quizzes. This game rewards creativity and unconventional thinking.

⭐ Learn from Mistakes: If you get an answer wrong, don't get discouraged. Use it as a learning opportunity to expand your knowledge and improve your quiz-solving skills.

⭐ Use Hints Wisely: Quiz Sengklek offers hints to help you when you're stuck. Use them strategically and only when necessary to maximize their effectiveness.

⭐ Explore Different Categories: Don't stick to your comfort zone. Try out quizzes from various categories to broaden your knowledge and challenge yourself.


Quiz Sengklek is a unique and challenging guessing game that will test your thinking abilities. With its wide range of quiz categories and engaging gameplay, it offers hours of entertainment for players of all ages. Don't be afraid to think outside the box and let your creativity shine as you tackle the quizzes. Download Quiz Sengklek now and prove yourself as the ultimate quiz master!